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  1. PandemoniumWines

    Water layer?? After racking

    I have been step feeding a coffee wine, but I have to leave on a business trip so I racked it at gravity 1.015. approximately two minutes later, I saw a clear layer form on top of my wine. I have not encountered this before. What gives?
  2. PandemoniumWines

    Irish Coffee

    An Irish woman of advanced age visited her physician to ask his help in reviving her husband’s libido .. “What about trying Viagra? asks the doctor . “Not a chance”, she said . “He won’t even take an aspirin” .. “Not a problem”, replied the doctor . “Give him! an “Irish Viagra” . It’s when...
  3. PandemoniumWines

    Zork Availability

    Does anyone else in here use Zorks? That's all I've ever used, my first wine making startup kit had them inside, and they were so easy and cheap, I just continued on with them. Now it seems like they're REALLY hard to find, and when I do, their price has doubled, making them less attractive...
  4. PandemoniumWines

    Let's talk chocolate

    I ended up with a little more strawberry wine than I had planned on... so I'm figuring, why not use the extra to play with chocolate? I've read everything from using "dutched" cocoa powder, to roasted cocoa nibs, to breaking up a lindt bar. Well, what's best? I'd like a little more than...
  5. PandemoniumWines

    Bad sorbate?

    watermelon peach wine.. 3 months ago, g0.998, kmeta, sorbate. 2 months ago, I sweetened it. I have 2 carboys of it. Today one carboy started bubbling. Like a 2 liter of Sprite opened an hour ago. It’s been going for a few hours. Bad sorbate? Happy thanksgiving!
  6. PandemoniumWines

    Adding in liquor - storage?

    My pumpkin pie wine is, sadly, not up to snuff. I'd still like to try to save it for serving at Thanksgiving. As it is, it is too thin and sad. I was hoping for something a little heavier (dessert wine-ish) and instead it tastes weak. If I ever make it again, I am definitely doubling all the...
  7. PandemoniumWines

    Blueberry Lime

    1 gallon recipe 30oz Realime 3# frozen blueberries 1 crushed campden 1/2 tsp pectic enzyme Water to 1.3 gallons -------- Next day ------ 1/4 tsp tannin 1/2 tsp energizer 1 tsp nutrient EC 1118 I got 6 bottles out of this batch. If you are a big sweet/sour fan, this one's for you...
  8. PandemoniumWines

    I can't believe I forgot KMETA!

    I bottled a batch today that had last been racked and sulfited three months ago. I was so eager to get it bottled and free up a carboy that I had a brain fart - after the last one was done I facepalmed myself and realized I forgot to add kmeta right before I bottled. :slp I plan to drink this...
  9. PandemoniumWines

    Fresh Apples

    I'm getting ready to make my first apple wine - with apples from my own tree. Few small Qs though. 1) do I have to nip off every little speck on the skin? I would probably eat a lot of the small dots, myself, so should I just worry about big things? I have few "perfect" apples. 2) no...
  10. PandemoniumWines

    Slurry Q

    Getting a new batch of must ready to go, feeling lazy and don't want to go to the LHBS... I have a batch of blueberry lime that I just put in secondary less than a week ago... think I could revive the yeast and make a starter for the new wine? Just curious. :b
  11. PandemoniumWines

    Using equipment from infected beer batch?

    Hubby brews beer, I make wine. We each have our own equipment and ferment in different rooms. Hubby just had an infected batch of beer and was advised to pitch all his plasticware that touched it. Something about wild yeasts? I admit I know little about making beer. Is it safe for me to use? I...
  12. PandemoniumWines

    What was your longest ferment?

    Just curious. I have a skittles on Day 16, slowly, slowly dropping... at 1.034 from 1.100. From reading a multitude of posts, it seems mine's just odd. Siiiiiiiiigh So as I twiddle my thumbs and do my best to be patient, I wondered who else had batches that took their good old time to run dry...
  13. PandemoniumWines

    A new lesson in wine making

    don't drop your wine thief into a half filled carboy :ib LOL oops!
  14. PandemoniumWines

    Lime Coconut SP?

    I've had a lime coconut wine in my "want to do" list, and now that I've been making SP, thought I'd just make lime SP, and add coconut as from Jack Keller's coconut wine recipe. Has anyone tried this? Or should I just save myself time and effort and use an extract at sweetening time?
  15. PandemoniumWines

    Racking, Clearing, Backsweetening Timing

    Being a newbie, I see a lot of conflicting info on when to clear and backsweeten. SP folks say to ferment dry in primary, rack to carboy, and then add sorbate, kmeta, backsweeten, and clear. Every other recipe I've seen, you rack to carboy near the end of fermentation, wait 30 days or so, rack...
  16. PandemoniumWines

    Greetings from the Buckeye State

    I've been lurking for a while, since my husband bid on a wine kit at an event. We sort of frankensteined the first batch using bits of the kit, but now I'm merrily on my way! I've got a batch of skittles wine going and a batch of blueberry vanilla, which I plan to sweeten with good old Ohio...