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  1. HillPeople

    Dandelion Wine

    Many serious vintners will dismiss Dandelion wine as "Fermented Sugar", however, we have been making it for 5 years now and it remains our second most requested wine right behind Blueberry/Honeyberry/Maple Syrup. So I thought if you'd like to try it, I'd give you the recipe we use . There really...
  2. HillPeople

    Aronia (Chokeberry) Wine

    Bottled 6 gallons of our Aronia Wine yesterday, and I must say it's one of the most unusual wines I've made. Finished dry at 11.6%. It is the most intense ruby red color you can imagine. I have always been interested in the health benefits of wine and ran across this write-up on Aronia. Has...
  3. HillPeople

    Elderberry Wine

    While waiting for our grapes to fully ripen, we decided to try a batch of Elderberry, since they are plentiful in these parts and are currently ripe. Wanted to pass on a recipe and maybe some helpful tips. We harvested around 17 lbs. of Elderberries by cutting off clusters. After reading...
  4. HillPeople

    Can you identify this insect?

    These guys just appeared today. I've never seen them before. They are mostly on my Prairie Stars. They are gray, about a half inch long, skinny, and will fly away if disturbed. They are eating holes in the leaves. Sorry for the quality of the picture. I can't seem to get a definite ID on...
  5. HillPeople

    Is this slime mold- or what?

    I'm hoping someone can identify what this is. Before bud break this year we had what I thought might be powdery mildew on the dormant canes of of our Prairie Stars. After pruning, the cane tips bled profusely. In a week the watery bleed had turned to a milky white slime which coated the ends...
  6. HillPeople

    What is this?

    Hello grape growers. So far his year we have only been dealing with an invasion of Rose Chafers. We have many wild blackberries in the neighborhood, and it appears they like grape leaves even more than blackberries. But today we noticed a few leaves on our LaCrescents have developed a brown...
  7. HillPeople

    Hey Grape Growers

    I'd love to see some pictures of your vines on this Memorial Day weekend. Post away if you have some current ones (especially those of you in the Northeast). Thanks.
  8. HillPeople

    Vineyard in the Granite State

    I was thinking of the pictures that Rich posted when he was first starting his vineyard. A few people noted the peculiar soil and lack of rocks. I just plowed a previously forested piece, cut 6 years ago and planted with prairie grass, in order to put in my next 100 vines this year. NH is bony...