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    Cellar Craft Add Kmeta before bottling?

    I am about to bottle my CC Cab. I added the kit Kmeta 10/3, and I added more on 12/3 when I racked. Should I add more before I bottle?
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    Wine is flawed, how and what?

    So I have a cab that has been aging for about 2 months and unfortunately I think I have to toss it. I made this one from cab grapes that a friend gave me. I tasted the wine today and it is obviously flawed. The nose is off but the pallet is really where things are bad. It tastes like rotten...
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    Reusing old wine bottles, concerns...

    Hey all, I have been saving wine bottles, and having friends save theirs to use when I bottle my wines, but I have some concerns. Some bottles have been sitting uncleaned for months. I plan to soak to take labels off, will I be able to soak them enough to ensure they are thoroughly cleaned...
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    WineXpert Skipping bentonite?

    So typically I have used all the agents included in the kit. I am considering using no clearing/fining agents in the Eclipse Bravado kit I'm starting on tomorrow, beginning with no bentonite. Thoughts?
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    40lbs of grapes in an 8 gallon fermentor?

    Is this going to be too much headspace for primary? I am aware this will make around 3-3.5 gallons of must and I will do a 3 gallon carboy after I press, but will I be able to ferment in my 8 gallon bucket without issue?
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    Friend is giving me Cab grapes, need help

    Hey all, I have 40 lbs of Healdsburg Cabernet grapes coming my way, and I have never made wine from grapes. So I know I need to destem then crush. Little confused as to what I need to do after that for fermentation. Do I crush, k-meta, then 24 hours later add my yeast? I ferment with the...
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    Cellar Craft Omitting kieselsol and chitosan?

    I have a CC Sterling Cab kit that I am getting close to degassing. Going to use the drill attachment to degas, then get it on my oak cubes to bulk age. This is my first kit, will adding kieselsol and chitosan make the wine taste different? If I intend to bulk age for 3-6 months will it clear and...
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    Cellar Craft instruction question

    Making the Sterling Cab. I added the water as per the instructions, I have one question though. There is a note that says that for Sterling wines, tank should now be filled to 24.5L. Does this mean that I add more water to fill it to 24.5L? Or is that just referencing what the level should be...
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    MLF with wine kit?

    What is the best way to learn more about this. I would like to try this with my next kit.
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    Adding tannin powder after primary

    Which tannin powder would be good for a red wine to add structure and mouthfeel to? I plan to add some during secondary and if need be, during bulk aging.
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    First time winemaker with some questions

    Hey all, I have a Cellar Craft Cab kit in the works right now. I departed a bit from the kit ingredients, I went with BM45 yeast and go ferm instead of the kit yeast. I also didn't add the supplied oak chips because I plan on aging with oak cubes after fermentation. My questions are...