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    Number of glass carboys 5g & 3g

    All in good shape. Asking $25 for the 5g & $20 for the 3g. Plainfield, IL. 60585
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    wo 15G HDPE Containers

    These are clean. They have two barrel style caps. I found them very useful for filling from the press to transfer the basement. I would then let them settle for a day and rack off. Asking $20 each.
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    15G Glass Demi-John for sale, Plainfield, IL

    Perfect condition. I'll have pictures soon. Asking $50 It would be very difficult and expensive to ship.
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    #30 Wood Press, Plainfield, IL

    All pieces are there. Asking $225. Plainfield, IL 60585
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    Painted Crusher/Destemmer with stand

    Painted manual Crusher/Destemmer with painted stand. In excellent condition. Plainfield, IL 60585 Asking $400