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    When does wine peak?

    Im asking this question because my brother just bought me a present. Merlot 2004 special reserve from Benhaim winery in Israel. My question is, is this bottle peaked already or can i/should i wait another couple of months/years? I have the same question regarding other grapes and wine. How long...
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    It's football season!!!

    I'm not as crazy, so I sent this to my brothers wife... She actually got a kick out of it.
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    How to press without a grape press?

    Hi, Im on my firsts batch of wine, and I don't know how good it will come out. I already spent a nice amount of money on my other equipment and I cant really shell out the $250 it will cost for a press. (Thats what it costs where I am) Does anyone have ideas on how to press without an actual...
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    Mead using silan?

    Hi, has anybody tried making mead out of silan? Its honey made from dates. Im wondering if and how it would work out
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    Looking for Kosher ingredients

    Hi y'all, Im from Israel, but I know people who travel back and forth from America so I can order stuff online and it'll make it's way to me. Im looking for kosher certified wine additives. They need an actual certification. Im looking for pectic enzyme, yeast nutrient, yeast energizer, clearing...
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    My first wine ever!

    So, I got onto this forum a couple of weeks ago, and I feel like I've read enough to go ahead and jump in. So I live in Israel. No and no wine supply stores around me. So I placed an order today with the one wine supply store I found online. He's a nice guy and speaks English...
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    Wine from Just plain grapes?

    Hi guys, just joined the forum a couple of days ago. It has always been my dream to make my own wine. I just ordered some grapes, but was told I should wait until the end of the summer (EVERYTHING is seasonal where I live), so I'm preparing all my equipment and stuff before I get started...