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    Stopping fermentation

    I have a chenin from a juice bucket that took about 3 weeks to get from 1.092 SG to 1.020. It was stuck there for several days. I then added bentonite, EC 1118, and yeast nutrient. 2 weeks later I have progress and it is now at 1.002. Usually I ferment everything to dry but for this batch I...
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    Movin’ on up...

    Up until now I have made wine using kits or buying juice from the local winery in batches of 6 gallons or so at a time. So all my equipment is geared towards that size of wine making. Someone has offered to give to me about 1200 pounds of Chambourcin grapes this harvest which I am guessing...
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    Petit Verdot

    If there are any petite Verdot kits out there I have not been able to find one. Anybody have any idea if any of the kit winemakers are going to start producing it again?
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    Source for getting juice shipped to me

    Other than wine kits, I have never had juice shipped to me. With the harvest from Chile do in soon I was wondering if anyone could recommend a source where I could order product and how that works in general. I’m looking in particular for petit Verdot.
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    RJ Spagnols 2 grape packs in a RJS kit?

    I opened up an en premier RJS kit for the first time. It is the Italian Zin and it had 2grape packs. All other kits from other companies I have gotten only have one. Packaging mistake or is that normal?
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    Norton and MLF

    I am thinking about putting my Norton through malolactic fermentation this year. anybody have any experience with this and any suggestions?
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    Temperature controller

    Just got a free fridge to use for winemaking. I read up on thermostats like the Johnson and figured out heating a belt might be an option too with one of those. Anyone here have any suggestions on what particular model works best with a fridge and perhaps a heater of some sort also?
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    Can anyone ID this grape?

    I first noticed this wild grapevine in central Missouri on July 28. I checked the brix and it came in at 18. A few grapes were still there today but they are mostly gone by now. Any idea as to what it might be? Or if it even is a grape?
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    Slimed elderberry must

    I harvested my first batch of elderberry last summer, froze them and started making wine this winter. I used 14 pounds of berries, pored hot water over them after putting them in a bag, added oak powder and chips, and enough sugar to get it up to about 1.085. After 7 days the must was thick...
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    Malolactic fermentation and potassium metabisulfite

    I'm doing my first batch of Wine undergoing malolactic fermentation. I'm wondering if it is appropriate to add potassium metabisulfite to the carboy while the wine is undergoing a malolactic fermentation?
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    Sparkling wine recipe?

    I made a semi dry Traminette last year. I did not intend to make sparkling wine. Some turned out as intended, but some ended up sparkling. The good news was that some of the sparkling turned out great. The bad news was that a few bottles popped their corks, but not all. Everyone loved the...
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    Refractometer/hydrometer differential

    I got my first refractometer last month. I have some must that started fermentation September 3. Brix reading and hydrometer started out consistent but now the hydrometer says .992 and the refractometer says 10 Brix. (Temp was 80.) Obviously a discrepancy now. Assuming no calibration issues is...
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    When to pick elderberries

    I am assuming that you want to wait until the berries are as ripe as possible before picking or deciding that you are losing the battle with the birds. Anyone know what an optimal Brix level is before picking?
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    New toy option!

    daughter is asking what I want for my bday. I have the allinonepump, Ph tester,etc. I don't have an acid tester or a refactometer.. I don't know if an acid tester is worth the trouble. No means to,turn an unused fridge into a storage facility, have plenty of car boys, etc. hence the...
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    Rising PH level from start to finish in a Norton

    I got my usual batch of Norton must this year with the typical ph level of 3.45. I did add oak powder this year to it and to my Chambourcin during fermentation for the first time. After a couple of rackings I checked the ph levels on both. The Chambourcin was about 3.5 but the Norton was about...
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    Anyone ever do oak powder bench trials?

    Recently I've been reading up on The benefits of adding oak powder during primary fermentation. My understanding is that oak powder during fermentation will not add much, if any, oak taste to the end product but it will improve mouth feel and stabilize color. But I am also wondering if the type...
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    Tramminette not clearing

    I have Tramminette in a 6 gallon carboy and in 2 one gallon carboys. None have cleared yet although all of my other whites from this fall have cleared. I did add some tartaric acid in the primary, and did not add any acid to any of my other whites. I also used a bit of bentonite in the primary...
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    Norton and malolactic fermentation

    Anyone here tried a malolactic fermentation with Norton? I have two 3 gallon carboys of it going now that have been in secondary for about a month and am considering it. I also have a six gallon carboy that I made using the skins, water and sugar after the first pressing of the above. Don't...
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    Anyone have a tawny port recipe?

    About the only wine product that my wife likes is a tawny port that we get from Augusta Winery. I would like to try and replicate a tawny port if I can find a recipe and I don't have to age it for ten years in a barrel! Sent from my iPad using Wine Making
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    Battonage for the purpose of mouth feel

    I was watching a documentary on making wine in burgundy where they make Pinot noir and Chardonnay. At one point one of the winemakers said that they used battonage solely for the purpose of adding some body to a wine that was too light tasting. Of course they were doing it with barrels, Any idea...