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  1. srcorndog


    Wish I had a few they are good to eat!
  2. srcorndog

    Put up or ? I got myself a vineyard

    Nice set up looks like the cultivated field will be planted in vines, Did your old vines not have a trellis system? How bout a ground view like a close up was the previous owner pruning for a reason?
  3. srcorndog

    What happens after frost damage?

    Be patient remember they are only a vine.
  4. srcorndog

    Trellis type and height for southern Wisconsin Petit Pearl

    Looks like the Rice Guy has your answer his example makes the most amount of since. I always refer to commercial vineyard close to you for guidance.
  5. srcorndog

    Tilted leaf

    First thing you need to do is a soil test. Then I plant n to s for maximum sun exposure then I remove the undergrowth that will compete with my vines and will be a home for insects then I establish a good spray program. Just my process you could have a fungal issue pull a petiole sample have it...
  6. srcorndog

    What sprayer should I get

    I use a vortex sprayer that has a gas engine on a trailer I pull behind my tractor or you can use a ATV to pull just as well. It works great!
  7. srcorndog

    What happens after frost damage?

    I had frost damage over 80% of my vineyard I want trim any vines I have heavily fertilized my vines. My harvest will be later than I usely pick might be a blessing. Now a month after my frost damage my vines are full of new growth an I have been sucker pulling every day. I have lightly trimmed...
  8. srcorndog

    Good Morning 2021 Growing Season

    You must not have bird pressure with all the trees around. I hope you net tight. why do you leave all the weeds under your vines but spray around the post?
  9. srcorndog

    How long can I soak rootstock?

    fill your bucket with peat moss fill with water plant when you return remember they are only a vine.
  10. srcorndog

    Pruning advice for newbie

    remove that wire raped around your vine first and replace with a 5/16 rebar use a piece of hay rope that will rot off do not tie to tight allow for growth. Remove the suckers of the bottom leaving the top three train one to the right and one to the left.
  11. srcorndog

    What’s eating my vines?

    His photo is above a flowering shoot girdling is usely from the base of the plant from my experience
  12. srcorndog

    What’s eating my vines?

    Looks like deer eating on the young shoots
  13. srcorndog

    Good Combo for Disease Management in eastern PA

    Chambourcin grape is sulfur sensitive be careful.
  14. srcorndog

    Good Combo for Disease Management in eastern PA

    Mancozeb needs to be added to your spray alternate with captan
  15. srcorndog

    Middle section of cane has no shoots

    I try to have a shoot every 4 inches sometimes for no reason I have a blank spot. When I prune in the dormant season I will cut back to where it it has buds and lay down a new cane. No problem just a learning process
  16. srcorndog

    Good Morning 2021 Growing Season

    Beautiful country in the deep south we are getting to start flowering spraying like every 14 days yesterday 4 inches of rain not a common occurrence.
  17. srcorndog

    Soil moisture content & irrigation

    I irrigate to fertilize and I also use systemic fungicides and insecticides in my irrigation systems
  18. srcorndog

    Soil moisture content & irrigation

    Drip irrigation will be your answer I irrigate from 4 am to 7am never during the day that allows enough soil saturation. I have red clay with sandy soil you will need to irrigate longer. I have a catch container under one of my drip emitters to catch my drips I want a constant 1 inch of rain or...
  19. srcorndog

    Did my Summer royals give its life to give me grapes?

    Were your vines grafts if so the shoots at the bottom will probably not be fruitful just very pretty depending on which vine the vines were grafted to. Like a rose cut below the graft it is pretty but not what you bought.
  20. srcorndog

    Anyone spraying liquid boron?

    In your soil analysis did they mention how much sodium borate you will need to add to your soil? I would add it in a liquid form to your soil do you have drip irrigation You can use borax if you can't find boron