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    Early tasting notes

    Thank you, that makes sense and fits my situation.
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    Early tasting notes

    I did inoculate with VP41. After 10 years of juice buckets this is my first year of adding some grapes to the wine. The first try was a blend of Cab Franc juice with about 15% Petit Verdot grapes. The second was all grapes. I'm trying to get a feel for how the wine progresses over time.
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    Early tasting notes

    I have ordered a ph meter.
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    Early tasting notes

    I have been making wine from juice for many years. I retired and added grapes to the wine. I am not yet familiar with how wine from grapes tastes as it goes thru the process. I have a 54 liter demi of a nebbiolo barbera blend, that i started in September. I racked it and it tastes somewhat...
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    Juice buckets with added grapes.

    I have made wine from juice buckets and had great success, I am looking to add a lug or two of grapes this season. Since I don't have a crusher what would be a easy method to remove the skins etc? I was thinking of some type of cheese cloth- pantyhose combination. Has anyone used a system...
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    I have 3 gal of reisling that elderflowers were added. I am thinking of making 2 gallon as a sweet dessert wine. I have heard there are sweeteners available that won't cause re-fermentation. Any recommendations?
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    My bench test went very well. I let it age just over two weeks. The taste was very good as the tannins added some mouthfeel in the finish. The wine will be bottled in April. I am very excited for the final product.
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    It seems we are all trying out a version of this. I use a small 1 liter barrel to age my port. I have used different homemade wines, either red berry or peach brandy, some moonshine, homemade, it was given to me, and let it sit for 2-4 months. The small barrel size allows me to make 3-4...
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    Different way too a port

    I have been making a port style wine. I use either a red berry brandy or a peach brandy added to a bottle of red wine. I have tried several but I like to use zinfandel the best. I also age it in a 1 liter oak barrel for several months.
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    I have a 6 gal carboy and when I rack next week I will put it in two 3 gallon and add the tannins to one. That will be my bench test.
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    Thank you.
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    Fermentation is complete and this would be a finishing tannin. And it is the Carlson generic day tannin
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    I am interested in adding dry tannin to my wine. I enjoy that flavor profile. The package indicated 1/3 teaspoon per gallon. Has anyone thought that was too much? I am adding it to a Chilean Cab Sav that I started in May 2018. Also how long should I let it age in the carboy after adding? Thanks
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    How much grapes do I need?

    Now I just need some equipment.
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    How much grapes do I need?

    I am not sure if the variety. My wine is all from juice buckets and this would be extra work. But I want to see the difference.
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    How much grapes do I need?

    About 100 lbs. Thank you
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    How much grapes do I need?

    I am planning to try making from grapes in the fall. I want to try a small batch the first time. About how many pounds of grapes would I need for 6 gallons of juice? I have 5, 6 and 6.5 gallon carboys.
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    1st time with juice buckets/grapes but not making wine

    I always add a 1/4 tsp of kmeta to the bucket and start the wine yeast the next day. The theory was to inhibit any natural yeast and allow the wine yeast to take over. I do 12-16 buckets a year with great results.
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    Cabernet Sauvignon?

    I have made the Chilean Carmenere several times, I have blended with the merlot also, I like it better than the can sav.
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    Chilean/S. African tips

    I am ready to bottle a Chilean Pinto Noir. Used oak sticks, and MLF. 11 months and ready to bottle. I have made Carmenere more than once with great results.