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  1. sdelli

    2020 Fall Crush

    Crushed grapes last Saturday. One week later the brix have fallen a lot. Press will be next Saturday. I like to leave on the skins for a 2 week adventure.
  2. sdelli

    Fall Grapes from California in Michigan

    A group of us truck in grapes from California to the Metro Michigan area. We are going to have some extra Cabernet grapes available this year. The grapes we use are from Sonoma and Napa Coombsville area. If you live close to this area and would like participate in these grapes please let me...
  3. sdelli

    Wine Club

    Looking to start a wine club. Located in Northville, Michigan. Any interest people please respond.
  4. sdelli

    Going Commercial

    Well...... Another hobby that got out of hand and now taking to the next level. With my cellar approaching 1400 bottles and wine season just around the corner. I figured it was time to find a way to start making it go away or my hobby would have to stop. So, I am getting my small wine makers...
  5. sdelli

    Clearing Red Wine

    How do you clear your red wines? Any additional tricks beyond racking and time? It can be filtered but in large quantities could be a huge task.
  6. sdelli

    Total SO2

    Does anyone have access to a chart or info that tells if the total so2 in a wine is good or bad? I do have the ability to check with my SC-300 but was also wondering if their is a calculation that could be used if you know the amount added over time.
  7. sdelli

    How to bottle my Cab

    So even though I believe the answer is obvious... let me throw it out there and see.. I have 2016 Napa Cab in the following. 30 gal American barrel 10 Gal American barrel 8 gal American barrel 15 gal French barrel All the first three barrels taste great! But, the 15 gal French barrel that I...
  8. sdelli

    Vadai Barrels

    They still in business? Been calling with no answer or call back for a week now! Now voice mail is full.... Not good....
  9. sdelli

    2017 Harvest

    Can anyone tell me the date of Cab Bud and Bloom in Napa an Sonoma happened his year? It would really help with projected harvest dates.
  10. sdelli

    SO2 in Barrels

    Been making wine for few years now and primarily from fresh grapes. I play with juice and a kit from time to time but the main wine I drink is from CA grapes. I have 7 barrels n my wine cellar from all sizes and age ranging from 6 gallons to 30 gallons. Only two of the barrels are new this past...
  11. sdelli

    MLF culture hydrate

    Has anyone ever hydrated the culture before pitching? I usually just pitch with Optimalo... My success rate in doing a hydrate with yeast gives me almost a perfect score in fermentation... Can it be duplicated with mlf? VP31 and VP41
  12. sdelli

    Napa Cab

    Just got notice they are picking my Napa Cab this week! Only a week or two away from this years crush.
  13. sdelli

    Need help on this

    Can anyone help me know if this container could be washed out and used for fermentation? Thinking of cutting the top off and fermenting in it. How could I find out if it is food safe? Thanks...
  14. sdelli

    WineMakers Magazine Conference

    Off to Santa Rosa to the yearly conference! First seminar is all day tomorrow on barrels.
  15. sdelli

    Nuetral barrels and tannins

    Has anyone else noticed that as a barrel goes nuetral you must add more tannins as it ages to avoid them from being stripped out? It seems like my older barrels need more tannin attention lately....
  16. sdelli

    Chilean Juice

    Made a trip to Youngstown yesterday and picked up some Malbec and Syrah from Luva Bella. Tonight I added my enzymes and Oak chips. I also kept a few bags of presses grapes I froze from the fall harvest. Tomorrow night the yeast get's pitched! Tasted pretty good....
  17. sdelli

    Wine Press For Sale

    I am selling my #35 Basket wine press. Used only one time! I am upgrading to a bladder press. Selling for $350. Local pickup Livonia , Mi is best but will ship at your cost if required. Message me if interested.
  18. sdelli

    Off season upgrades

    Decided to spend some time in the off season adding to my wine cellar.
  19. sdelli

    Rotate Time

    Took most the weekend but all 2014 is out of the barrels... Barrels cleaned with Oak Restorer... All 2015 now in barrels! Wine cellar looking a little full until bottle time.
  20. sdelli

    Foamy Punch Downs

    Question.... My fermentations seem to be much more foamy this year then I remember.... Only when I do a punch down does this happen. Not really worried about it but wondering if their is any meaning behind it.... Yeast is BM4X4 and D254.... Both are about the same response during punch downs...