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    Worried about c02

    I just bottled up my wine. I only did half cause I was afraid that I was making bombs. Is there a way to tell if there's too much c02? I had to bottle some up cause I am going home for Xmas. I'll be bring the wine down a long bumpy road on a 6 hour drive. I don't want to give my wine to someone...
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    Should I sanitizes my corks?

    My corks came in a plastic bag from my local wine store. Never open. Should I disinfect them? If so how?
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    question about cleaning bottles

    I brought my bottles to my local wine store to get them cleaned. As it turns out my wine is not ready to bottle yet. Should I get them cleaned again when I go to bottle? I'm hoping to bottle it in a few days. I could always rinse them with really hot water or something. Ha I don't know.
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    When is clean in carboy but cloudy when it goes into the bottle

    Wine is clear in carboy but cloudy when it goes into the bottle So my wine is super clear In the carboy but very cloudy when I put it in the bottle. I used a wine kit with clearing agents. Maybe I didn't degas enough? It is my frist time making wine. Maybe I can put it into another carboy and...
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    Frist time bottling wine

    So I am bottling my wine and in the Carboy the wine is really clear but when I bottle it it comes out cloudy in the bottle. What should I do??
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    Secondary fermention

    Hi there. I just went into the secondary fermentation a week ago and I really want to see if it's clearing right (the carboy I'm using isn't clear). is it really bad to open your wine in secondary?
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    Oak chip bag broke!!

    Help! I was degassing my wine and the bag that the oak chips were in broke! What should I do? Put it back In and just let the oak float around or just keep it out? It's already been in there for 2 weeks so maybe it's done it's job
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    Hi there! I'm making my frist batch of wine and I read that degassing is very important. Is there a way to tell when you have degassed the wine enough?
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    Best conditions for storing wine?

    Hi! I was wondering what are some of the best ways to store wine in bottles. My guess is a cool and dark place on their side. I'm such a newbie though. Around what temp is ideal?
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    What do you put in a airlock?

    Hi all. I'm making my frist batch of wine. I seen a few people put sanatizer in their airlock but then I also read that you should only use water. Is one better to use then the other? I am brewing my wine in a "fastferment". I don't know if that makes a difference on what I should use