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    WineXpert Bravado Super Tuscan

    I sure hope this wine continues to develop. Started this kit 11/30 and it is very fruity. Even with the oak in the kit I think this might need more oak.
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    Cellar Craft Add Kmeta before bottling?

    I am about to bottle my CC Cab. I added the kit Kmeta 10/3, and I added more on 12/3 when I racked. Should I add more before I bottle?
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    WineXpert Bravado Super Tuscan

    Lots of fluffy lees for sure. I ended up losing almost a half gallon when I racked.
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    WineXpert Bravado Super Tuscan

    Super Tuscan are blends of cab and sangiovese so blend with either and you are in the ballpark.
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    WineXpert Eclipse Nebiollo

    Nebbiolo is one of the most high tannin grapes on the planet. Without an absolute butt load of oak, it takes years and years of aging to become even remotely pleasurable to drink. Go buy a young bottle of Barolo that isn't aged in new oak and you will see what I mean.
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    Do commercial producers use an artificial oak flavoring?

    Chemical use is different. Almost every chemical/mineral you use in wine is regulated.
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    Do commercial producers use an artificial oak flavoring?

    Aging wines, and tweaking wines are two different things. If the wine is to be oaked, most certainly they will bulk age in oak barrels. That doesn't mean they won't tweak with oak powder, liquid smoke or liquid oak before bottling. There are no wine laws in the United States that require...
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    REVIEW: *allinonewinepump*

    Finally got to using mine after having it for a couple of months. Racked/degassed my Super Tuscan and used the headspace eliminator. Very easy to use for the first time. I should be using it for bottling here in the next couple of months.
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    RJ Spagnols 2017 Restricted Quantity (RQ) Program Cut off Oct.12 2016

    Sort of, except you are missing Cab Franc...
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    WineXpert Rumors of a new limited release from Winexpert

    Mine is in secondary right now and I'm not throwing cubes in until secondary is done.
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    WineXpert Bravado Super Tuscan

    I already skipped bentonite lol.
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    WineXpert Bravado Super Tuscan

    Also, I don't plan on using any clearing/fining agents on this kit. Anyone else skipped them all on this kit?
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    WineXpert Bravado Super Tuscan

    Mine is sitting at home hopefully all finished fermenting as it has now been 8 days. I get back home in 3 days and I will get that wonderful juice over to the carboy. This is the first time I have put the oak in the mesh baggie so I am hopeful for that helping. Also my AIO showed up too so I...
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    Other Rhone Kit Qs: Vieux Chateau du Roi vs. GSM vs...?

    Does that concentrated kit flavor mellow out eventually to become a drinkable nice wine?
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    Other Rhone Kit Qs: Vieux Chateau du Roi vs. GSM vs...?

    I am doing the CC Sterling GSM. It is bulk aging at the moment. To be honest I am not super duper excited about it yet. Hopefully aging helps.
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    Don't bother degassing by hand, it will kill you. Buy this to stick in your drill, thank me later...
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    WineXpert Skipping bentonite?

    Fill me in
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    Wine is flawed, how and what?

    What is mercaptans? I say rack, but I took the wine from secondary to bulk aging and put it on oak. The wine was on lees for maybe a month. I splash racked the wine twice today, and added Kuzpit to try and clear the issue. I will report back.
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    RJ Spagnols Unacceptable kit odor in all RJS and WE

    I am curious if there are any wine professionals on the board who are ok with kit wine taste. Not that my skills or pallet are any better, but I drink really good wine as a Sommelier and wine lover. Both kits I have made so far have the same distinct taste and smell to them but they are...
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    Wine is flawed, how and what?

    What about something like this?