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  1. the_rayway

    Where did the PORT forum go?!?

    I'm feeling lost here - does anyone know where it went?
  2. the_rayway

    Craft Series Cider Kits

    Has anyone tried these? I just picked up the Raspberry Lime one yesterday for summer beveraging: "Craft Series Raspberry Lime Cider Fresh raspberries coupled with zippy lime. This cider is sweet and refreshing treat at anytime!" Interested in how it came out for others!
  3. the_rayway

    July & August 2015 Wine of the Month

    Hi everyone! Since summer is such a busy time, I thought I would combine the next two months into one thread. If you all are like me, winemaking is definitely in high gear, but you may not have the time to drop by as often as you would like. (Here comes the usual blurb...) Please join us! This...
  4. the_rayway

    Happy Canada Day!!

    To all of my Canuck friends!!
  5. the_rayway

    Garden 2015

    Hey everyone! After the snow last weekend, I'm hoping to finally get my garden planted this weekend. Things seem to be warming up, and Dad stuck his feet in the mud an pronounced it "time". In the last couple of years, I've been doing what is basically Square Foot Gardening, and I've really...
  6. the_rayway

    March 2015 Wine of the Month Club

    Whaaaaa??? It's been 3 WHOLE DAYS and no one has started a WOTM thread for March? :slp Ah well, better late than never! Please join us! This thread is for anyone, from newbie to experienced winemaker, who wants to document making a 1 gallon experimental recipe. We like the whole recipe posted...
  7. the_rayway

    Improving the Nose

    Hey All, If there is one thing that seems to be lacking in my fruit wines and meads so far, it's nose. Each wine has a lovely taste, good legs, body and mouthfeel for the 'style'. But they all have a slightly 'chemical' nose on them. I find it really reduces the enjoyment and flavour...
  8. the_rayway

    For Music Lovers

    Recently heard this guy, and he's brilliant!! Haven't heard a song yet that I don't like. His name is George Ezra. Watch the video if: a) you like good music or b) you enjoy Ian McKellen horning in on someone's music video :) Enjoy!
  9. the_rayway

    In the Presence of a Genius - Sparkling Wine

    At the Wine Guild meeting the other day, one of the fellows was waxing eloquent about sparkling wine. He hadn't been able to get his hands on encapsulated yeast in several years and was thrilled to see the MoreWine had it to order. Another gentleman mentioned that any time he makes a white...
  10. the_rayway

    My Favourite Christmas Prezzy - A Hot Smoker!

    Woot! I now have in my possession a Master Chef Vertical smoker. It uses charcoal and wood chunks, and looks a little like R2D2 in black. I think it will be too cold for a little while to actually use it outdoors, but would love it if I could get some advice from the experts on the site as to...
  11. the_rayway

    Filter Setup for Allinone - available in Canada?

    Hey everyone, I'm looking to get the next phase of the AIO setup going for my Dad - the whole house filter...the issue I'm running into is that when I do a Google search I don't find the products available in Canada. He is currently borrowing my Buon Vino filter, but that means that he still...
  12. the_rayway


    Today I was working on several of my country wines and meads. Mostly one gallon batches and a three gallon batch. They are all made with different ingredients from bananas to raspberries, honeys to white sugar, teas and flowers. Different batches of chemicals used over the year, and...
  13. the_rayway

    November 2014 Wine of the Month Club

    Welcome everyone to the official start of our second year of the Wine of the Month Club!!! This totally unofficial club is open to anyone who is interested in making a one gallon test/experimental batch and sharing the recipe, process, ups and downs with the rest of the club. We like: a) full...
  14. the_rayway

    Vineco Kenridge Showcase Cabernet Malbec Carmenere

    Hey everyone! Quick decision: should I get this kit? I love big, bold reds, and I have a bit of money from my birthday for buying something yummy (I was told explicitly that it does not go to anything "serious"). :i It's clearing out until this weekend at $89.99 at the LHBS. Does anyone...
  15. the_rayway

    September 2014 Wine of the Month Club

    Welcome back from Summer Holidays!! I hope you all had a fun and productive season. Our 1.5 month summer is officially over here in Manitoba and we're right into Autumn. The "Wine of the Month Club" is open to any wine/mead/port maker, new or experienced, who is interested in making, posting...
  16. the_rayway

    Dill Pickle Relish - Anyone have a good recipe?

    Hey All, I'm looking for a killer Cuke Dill Pickle Relish recipe for canning. Something that really has some good zip and pucker. :a1
  17. the_rayway

    Other Passport Series 2015

    Does anyone know anything about these?
  18. the_rayway

    2014 Apple Crush

    We did our (now) annual apple crush on the weekend! Approx 250 Lbs of crabs - unknown variety. I did not have the freezer space to freeze many before hand so they went in raw this year. We rented an electric crusher, and press this year, total cost was $70 incl tax for the weekend-long...
  19. the_rayway

    August 2014 Wine of the Month

    Hello everyone, This is open for anyone to join at anytime in August by making a 1 gallon experimental batch. Post your recipe and step by step instructions. We love pictures, so any you take will be greatly appreciated. We hope that at the end of the month you will give us a breakdown...
  20. the_rayway

    First Competition

    Hey everyone! I'm really excited to say I entered the local wine competition about a month or so ago. I entered 5 wines: 4 Country-Style, and 1 kit (red). I received Silver medals for all of the Country-style wines and a bronze on the kit! Soo excited!!! Hopefully I'll have the report...