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  1. srcorndog

    I want wine well chiller

    I want to purchase a used wine well water chiller contact me if you have one reasonable
  2. srcorndog

    What are commercial vineyard spraying as a herbicide around their vines?

    Since glyphosate is getting to be banned for use because of court battles. What are you using in place to keep the ground weed free under your vines. Thanks
  3. srcorndog

    what is the first thing you do after you have crushed and destemmed your grapes?

    What are the first thing you do after you have picked your fresh grapes and have destemmed or crushed?
  4. srcorndog

    wine label software for small vineyard?

    This topic might have been discussed many times but one more time. What software are you using and where did you get your software. I produce around 400 cases of different wine each year and I need a software program. Thanks
  5. srcorndog

    What Herbicide do you spray below your vines?

    I was wondering what herbicide do you spray for weed control in your vineyard rows that want harm your vines if they get sprayed? Thanks Charlie
  6. srcorndog

    grape press needed close to georgia

    I need a grape press I live in Georgia have one for sale please let me know. Thanks Sr. Corndog
  7. srcorndog

    I need a used bladder press to purchase

    still looking time running out picking Saturday this week.
  8. srcorndog

    Birds eating all my grapes?

    What are you doing for birds? I have a bird X peller, pro shotgun, foil reflectors. Birds are relentless they even eat during pouring down rain!!! charlie
  9. srcorndog

    blind tasting room opinion sheet?

    Looking for a form instead of re-inventing the wheel for blind wine tasting. Any one have a form they us that I can copy or tweak to fit my wine tasting room. Thanks Charlie The Vineyard at Hominy Creek
  10. srcorndog

    looking for elastic vine ties?

    Any one know a supplier for elastic or rubber vine ties? Thanks
  11. srcorndog

    need a recipie for chocolate rasberry port

    I'm using Noiret as my juice since I have 10 gallons and I only want to make one gallon. Any help out their? Thanks Charlie