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  1. BOB21801

    Water Soluble Spray Glue?

    I'm making my labels in Corel Draw. Looking to keep them simple, attractive, cheap and EASY TO REMOVE. Most recently I created the one attached, printed on regular printer paper. It is adhered with Elmer's Multi-purpose Spray Adhesive - looks good. I haven't tried removing it yet, but I read...
  2. BOB21801

    Filtering Option

    First let me say I consider myself quite the novice. I made my first wines probably 5 years ago, then took a break for a few years, now at it again - trying to do a bit better now. Anyway, I made a 3 gallon batch of triple berry wine during the winter - bottled it about a week ago. I thought...
  3. BOB21801

    My Elder, Blue, Pom Recipe

    I'm a novice, been lurking off and on for a couple months. Just got back into making some wines recently, after a break of a couple years. I was never an expert, but made several decent batches with various berries and juices - nothing very "refined", but trying to get better now. Anyway, I just...