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  1. Steve Wargo

    Forgot an ingredient

    1.Where do most folks buy their juice for wine? Local Supplier, or vineyard, or online 2, Do you put the additives included in the kit in your wine? Only Oak, Kmeta 3. Do you ever make changes to the wine by adding more sugar for instance? I think most people tweak their wine process, after...
  2. Steve Wargo


    I farm, harvest, move, crush and destem, ferment and press red grapes. Only because they're grapes from one single estate. I'm in control of the outcome from beginning to end. I'm able to record harvest information, grape condition, other factors, down to which row the grapes were harvested...
  3. Steve Wargo

    Your Fav Red Wine Yeast(s)

    My experience says it's necessary to add nutrients when using RC212. I've used crushed grapes, placed the skins, and juice in the must. Some things added 1.) dead yeast for nutrient (food) to the must before adding RC212. 2.) one crushed B1 tablet, 3.) magnesium 4.) 1/2 DAP dose 1 day after...
  4. Steve Wargo


    looks like lees at the bottom. I had lees fall out in a bottle that I put in the fridge. I had bottled that batch directly from an aging carboy. There was a little lee at the bottom of the carboy, but not much. When I bottle I siphon from the top and work the siphon down as the carboy empties...
  5. Steve Wargo

    Add Your Backyard Vineyard

    I found this. Don’t Have Neem Oil To Prevent Pests In Your Organic Garden: Use THIS Instead
  6. Steve Wargo

    Sulfites & Braggots

    Things to consider when making homemade adult beverages, to avoid spoilage: Container and bottle Sanitization, beverage acidity, alcohol ABV, antimicrobial additions (hops, sulfites). organic honey also has anti-microbial properties (do not add honey to wort/must that is too warm), end-product...
  7. Steve Wargo

    Blueberry wine harshness/pH help

    If not said already you should wait until you have degassed the wine before taking an acid reading. Yes, new wine tastes harsh and acidic. Best to use potassium bicarbonate to adjust the must pre-carbonation, wait. Time heals all, including acidity.
  8. Steve Wargo

    “We are moving Alabama with the times," gov says after signing wine delivery bill... :D

    Reasonably Tax any alcohol or Weed and be done with it. Booze, beer and wine, and weed shouldn't carry large fines or jail sentences, and all ordinances banning it, or regulating it should be struck down. Now with that said, under the influence, laws (any kind) should stay in place. if you...
  9. Steve Wargo

    Post a Meme, any Meme! (no politics)

    Yesterday I had my home insurance agent on the phone. If my renewal was today, it's 50% more for the policy, than I paid 2 months ago. Afterwards, I called around just to check, some places were even more costly. Realestate agents are saying there's hardly any inventory to sell.
  10. Steve Wargo

    Post a Meme, any Meme! (no politics)

    They didn't stick around for the lighting of the candles?
  11. Steve Wargo


    A few recipes for making homemade fungicides. I'm not sure how well they work, on "rust". Me, myself, and I wouldn't hesitate to use wine-making supplies for the treatment of orchard, vineyard, or garden issues. Such as Potassium bicarbonate as a treatment for powdery mildew, maybe Kmeta as a...
  12. Steve Wargo


    Your culprit might be nearby juniper. Red cedars and other junipers are most often infected by the cedar-apple rust fungus. Related rusts are cedar-hawthorn and cedar-quince rusts. The life cycle of these rusts requires two different host trees. Cedar-apple rust needs a juniper and an apple...
  13. Steve Wargo

    1st Peach Wine

    I'm a little surprised that the fermentation stalled at SG 1.010 using EC1118. Did you check the hydrometer, working correctly? Just asking because EC1118 usually ferments all fermentable sugars extra dry when I've used it. This invites another question. Were all the sugars in the juice...
  14. Steve Wargo

    Will wine yeast overtake spontaneous ferment?

    I use BM4X4 yeast for some of my reds. I like it. It's a powerful yeast mixture. In the past, I had purchased wine in buckets from California, shipped it in a cooler truck. Once brought home they started to ferment the next day cause they warmed somewhat. So maybe the wine was using the...
  15. Steve Wargo

    carboy aging

    I put my carboys in the ageing room. It's a large cooled room with 12 foot high ceilings. To close off the carboys when I start ageing the wine; that's after the wine is fully degassed in the carboy. I put a balloon in the neck of the carboy. Then fill the balloon with helium gas till the...
  16. Steve Wargo

    Need help with oxidation

    I rack wine twice after secondary fermentation (keep in 5-6gal carboys). After a year or so wine is racked one more time, add SO2 and bottle (oak and TA adjustment already complete before bottling). Maybe check your TA(acid) levels and tannin for taste. If there is too little of one or both...
  17. Steve Wargo

    Back Sweeten Skeeter Pee with Pineapple Juice?

    EC1118 yeast can live until the alcohol percent present in the wine is 20 or 21 %. Your skeeter can restart fermentation if the ABV is lowered through dilution (juice, corn juice, simple sugar) is added to the mix. Why? 1.) sugars and water in your pineapple juice, dilutes Skeeter. 2...
  18. Steve Wargo

    1st Peach Wine

    I agree 71B makes a very good country wine. I've used 71B for making fruit wines and Concord Grape wines. Using the 71B yeast they turn out excellent. If and when I use 71B as yeast fermentation, I don't oak the wine, but try to maintain the fruit-forward attributes of the fruit wine and what...
  19. Steve Wargo

    1st Peach Wine

    71B is an excellent yeast to make fruit-forward tasting wines. I don't deny EC1118 yeast is good for a stuck fermentation. EC1118 is very good for making a very dry wine or used for the process of making a dry sparkling wine.
  20. Steve Wargo

    Drill dust in wine.

    It'll add that minerality that some people think they taste in their wine. JK. I wouldn't worry about it, most likely it will settle to the bottom between rackings Then left behind when next racked. Maybe you've discovered a new finning material for wine? :)