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    Where to get sugar

    I can't seem to find the usual 25lb bags of sugar. The covid-19 has created a run on sugar. Maybe I won't be making any wine this year. :(
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    Dribbling Bottle Fillers

    I have been looking for a solution to the mess made as I move the filler from one bottle to the next. Found it!!! :)
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    Sugar Price -- Wow!

    In years past $12.50 for a 25lb bag at Costco was the price that was hard to beat. I picked up six 25lbs bags from Walmart at $8.78 each. Wow! It did qualify for free shipping (is there profit after shipping 150lbs of anything?), but I had to do some shopping there, so I picked it up. Free...
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    What is your wine worth?

    I would imagine most winemakers have an inflated idea of just how good their wine is. My wine is hit and miss. The bad stuff is still drinkable, but my best, I would say is worth maybe $10 a bottle. It is my Blueberry that is consistently good, and last years Oregon Grape was great, i.e...
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    Plum Blueberry Wine

    I was given about 10lbs of plums (weighed before removing the pits) and put in 3lbs of blueberries from last year. This is the last of 2017 wine making. 275lbs of sugar used this year. Lots and lots of wine... :db Weather is cold. I saw faint signs of fermentation before moving from the...
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    Another Evolutionary Step

    The old fashion steamer. Faster, easier, cheaper, is the way I like it. :db I spent over 4 hours removing the elderberries from the stems and only got 1/2 way thru my 6 gallon buckets worth. Former once upon a time winemakers let me borrow this -- which I am definitely buying next year...
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    Price of wine at the Grocery store?

    Last time I was in the grocery store I was astounded at the price of a bottle of wine. Seems like there was a big hike in the prices. Is this just locally? A couple of years ago, when the California drought was in full panic, I didn't notice wine prices moving much. I wonder if the...
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    Elderberries are looking great

    I figured I was about a month early, and I was. But I did see that the plants are in full bloom, and the still very green berries are in BIG clusters. I've 66 gallons of spring wine well on their way (apple, rhubarb, and blueberry). Rack the last of them off the lees yesterday, and I'm...
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    Mixing ?

    I started two 6 gallon batches of Rhubarb wine today. I carve Rhubarb/Apples/Whatever into Control Top pantyhose, and normally the stuff is equally both legs. Today it looks like about 2/3 went into one, 1/3 the other. I suppose swapping the legs every other day would work, but it would be...
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    New Smoker -- Junk man leaveth, junk man taketh

    An all steel fridge that has seen better days. I hope to breath new life into it as I modify it into a large smoker for the big jobs. :db
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    Sopressata -- Spianata Romana Salamie

    Started on April 22nd, the first chubs are now becoming finished. :HB My best yet. I've still 4 chubs hanging so it's complete success remains to be seen. So far so good. Salami has no case hardening, very firm and is uniform, meat is spicy and moist. :db
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    How Many Carboys You Got?

    I've 8 six gallon (4 plastic + 4 glass) and am thinking of picking up a few more. On Amazon there are glass 6 gallon carboys selling for $36 and change with free shipping. Damn! Probably 1/2 of that is the cost of shipping. Should I buy 2 more, 4 more, or.....? :db
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    Spring Wine Making

    I picked a HUGE amount of Apples last September and put them into the 26cf freezer. And I have enough blueberries (also frozen) for four 6 gallon batches. I should have 8 six gallon carboys going strong in a few days. Hopefully they will be ready for bottling in Aug when the Apples...
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    Deli-Style Roast Beef

    Being on the edge of the middle of the middle of nowhere – If you want to eat something good, you have to make it yourself. I haven’t had a Roast Beef sandwich this good since I can remember. Lots of recipes out there, and heating up the oven to 500 degrees was new to me, but the results...
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    The wine gift

    Neighbor plowed my drive for over an hour with his real tractor. He got what I could not get with my riding mower with snow blade attachment. Wine the perfect thank you gift. :db
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    My friends wedding

    A friend has two tickets for the 2017 Super Bowl, both box seats. He paid $1,700 for each ticket. He didn't realize when he bought them that the game was going to be on the same day as his wedding, so now he can't go. If you are interested and would like to go in his place, it's going to be at...
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    DIY Roasted Almonds

    I love Blue Diamond Smokehouse Almonds. But Dayum, they are expensive. I figure I can make them. A 3lb bag of raw Kirkland Almonds is $14 and a few simple ingredients and some time, vs. $13 for a pound of BD Almonds (a bulk purchase) ala Amazon. I'm now attempting to make my 4th experimental...
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    I like making wine so much so

    that I just ordered from Amazon a 1000 #8 corks. That is a lot, but at <10c/cork and admitting that I'm a wine maker now for life, I have to grab these deals. In my 3 years of toe dipping I was spending 17c to 19c a cork and was reusing corks to keep my costs down. I'll probably continue to...
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    I started a Capicola today

    I present --> The Coppa! Kinda smaller then I expected. I'll dry cure the others as well. Living dangerously. Now I will heavily salt it and rub in some insta-cure #1 and it will sit in the fridge for 9 days. Then reapply the salt/etc. for another 9 days. Then it will get seasoned for...
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    I got that Salami feeling again

    I learned a lot last spring and I am incorporating it all into this Fall 80lbs batch. I'm making all Tuscan Salami, and have purchased several things to help make the process more efficient and less labor intensive. 1. Making 20lbs batches (rather then the 5 pounders) cuts out some setup and...