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    mead bubbling up!

    attach a blowoff hose and run it into a small jug. use a hose that fits into the neck of the carboy snugly and let it overflow into the jug until it settles down. then re-attach the airlock. anti foaming agent may help. I know it helps keep down the foam during the boil when making beer.
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    I find it is simple and efficient to steam juice soft fruits like blackberry / strawberry / raspberry/ etc and build the must from that. no pushing down fruit or fretting over primary size. -cheers
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    blackberry steamed juice / brix question

    montmorency cherry dessert wine from concentrate my notes are awful. I'll try to expand them from memory as I sip the wine. A larger batch I did in a 3G better bottle and 2x 1G glass carboys. final yield was about 4G and some drinking during bottling by me and helper/bystanders. I used the...
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    blackberry steamed juice / brix question

    for volume, I had two 32oz bottles of cherry concentrate and ended up with about 4G of finished wine. I could have been more efficient, but experiments can be wasteful and I did drink some of the juice too.
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    blackberry steamed juice / brix question

    thats a good question CG, I should gather up my notes and post something in the recipe section. what I did when I got the concentrate was first do a taste test on single strength juice after reconstituting with water per the bottle instructions. It was quite good and the gravity was ~1050 if...
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    blackberry steamed juice / brix question

    pretty much same here BobF. finding a US based retailer of pure blackberry concentrate was also a challenge for me. Cherry / blueberry was fairly easy to find. (brownwood acres) as far as advertising on their website that its for making wine, well actually most dealers don't go much farther...
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    blackberry steamed juice / brix question

    21 brix is what I found on Walker's website.
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    blackberry steamed juice / brix question

    I looked a bit and found 21brix for their juice products. thats pretty good for a ready made must.
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    blackberry steamed juice / brix question

    looks like single strength juice Tom. previous vendors listed have 7:1 concentrate which works out to a better price if you want volume. I wish they would quote the brix for their pail products, but I suspect its around 15 - 25. wonder if there is added sugar to up the brix on the fruit...
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    blackberry steamed juice / brix question

    hey BobF, nice link and they have similar products to these guys : greenwood has a large selection of juice and puree, and even wine grape concentrates. They are near chicago and closer to my area, and yours too it seems. I think $237 +...
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    blackberry steamed juice / brix question

    nice blog post Luc thanks for pointing to that. I used your same picking strategy part way through the season. there were so many berries this year, I decided to be choosy and only take the fat sweet ones. Heres hoping they make a wine as delicious as they were to eat.
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    blackberry steamed juice / brix question

    thanks guys. Sparky, the brix from the berries is a helpful reading. when I steam my blackberries I'll take a reading also to see what that gets me. I haven't steamed long enough to be an expert so always appreciate advice. Its hard to tell when to stop, and to resist fiddling with the lid...
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    blackberry steamed juice / brix question

    I know it will vary based on type and growing conditions, but can anyone chime in on the average brix of blackberry juice that comes from their steamer? I havent steamed mine yet, they are still in the freezer - but I'm curious about how sweet the product will be. There is a place north of...
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    ABV % on Labels

    I put the year/month I started it since my wines sometimes sit in a carboy for a long time. no abv or other notes besides the name. I never put labels on kit wines, only an identifiable shrink cap and I keep them together on a rack. but I just do cheap kits of mist type stuff and it goes...
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    Strawberry bottling

    I've noticed the hard rubber bungs I have put off a stink when you spray them with starsan. for glass, the ones that are in mxsteve's pic work best. nice shape and good design. I think I got mine from FVW. I put all the hard rubber ones in storage, good riddance.
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    degassing with better bottles

    I stir to degas the better bottles and then rack to another BB and then bulk age a bit. gas comes out eventually, and stirring after letting it sit in my warmer kitchen helps a lot. gotta watch for an eruption during the first stir. it can be violent. I dont have the drytap airlocks, just...
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    Peach Chardonnay

    or another option is Chardonel wine with a peach fpac if you want a sweeter fruity wine. I'd probably blend if you have the carboy space. more flexibility to find an appropriate mix.
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    Apple wine question

    I like to take apple juice/cider and reduce by simmering to a thick syrup. sweeten with that. Common suggestion I know, but it does wonders for apple wine and fruit wine for that matter. Recently I use only syrup to up SG or sweeten my apple wines. cheers and congrats on making apple wine...
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    Steam Juicer vs Juice Extractor

    I have that one also, nice steamer.
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    Adding fruit to fermentations?

    the primary fermentation will go quicker than the time you will probably be collecting fruit pick it and freeze it until you have collected what you plan to use. freezing is helpful anyway for juice extraction. black raspberries are on here and I will have collected 50# by the end of the week...