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    vintners harvest blackberry. yeast ???

    Does anyone have a suggestion on what type of yeast to use? I like wine off dry to semi sweet.
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    degassing peach wine

    hello ,i have been trying to degas some fresh peach wine ,but it seems to be taking a long time. i am using a whip and a drill.can someone tell me how long i should stir the wine.have done it four days in a row.the airlocks are still not even.Greg
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    i've done a 1 gal. batch of strawberry breeze,it turned out ok.Alittle sweet for me. my wife loved it.done a 1 gal. batch of concord grape,turned out great ,very delicous.I now have on 3 gal of peach from fresh peaches this summer and some rasberry,white grape.1 gal.also a 1 gal. batch of...
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    Greg newbie from ky.

    Hello everyone,I'm Greg and i am looking forward to learning and sharing all about WINE