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    A report/guide...thing

    Hello all, It has been some time since I was here last. Life is a crazy road lol, well I came to the wonderful people of this forum for and opinion on a Project I am helping to write. The person Is in a collage speech class, and need to tell an informative speech. she chose the topic of wine...
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    Wedding label

    Well I made the label we are using use for the wine we made for wedding tell me what you think. and what do you think of its name. I might add some wind swept leaves flying around, but not sure yet.
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    What to do...what to do...

    Well I am a a low point in my life...A sad sad place to be. An impasse is a good word to describe the dull, boring and incredibly empty hole that I am experiencing right now. IT has nothing to do with Love, or family, or work, Folks I am talking about the one thing that all of us have felt a...
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    Did anyone see this?

    check this out World's oldest champagne opened 184years old Imagine being one of the 12 lucky bastards that got to taste
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    I havent been on a lot lately

    I haven't been on much lately do to work, So I figured that the best thing to make up for it is with a picture :D So, I want to share with you all a picture of all our wine, its not as much as Wade, Luc, or Cpfan, but I am proud of it none the less. so here it is (sorry for the quality it was a...
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    That damn Cork!

    Well we bottled our first batch last night, everything went smooth. and almost all the corks went in just fine...almost all. I got a couple like this: So I was wondering is Could I use like an exacto-knife to cut the bit off, or should I just use another cork, or is it ok to tap it in with...
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    You know your a wine maker when:

    You plan your wedding date so as to give yourself enough time to make the wine for the receptions. lol That's one of the reasons We selected a date 17months from now. So I have a lot of time to make sure the wine is perfect.:D
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    We just got 4 6.5 gallon Carboys for 15 each from some guy that lives in the middle of nowhere. And on top of that, we found what just might be the best place for use to get used bottles. there is a Wine bar in the town north of us, and we where going from place to place asking, and stumbled...
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    We finally feel confident to work on more that one batch at a time, Thus we have 3 batches going right now here is where we got going. A persimmon Wine The Watermelon Green Apple I talked about in the topic melon and a Strawberry wine. All are going well so far. Wish us luck and I will...
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    whats the lowest you SG has gotten

    I was wondering because right now I would have to guess and say it is .988 my hydrometer only reads to .990 and it is below that. It’s been in the secondary for about a week, and there is a ton of sediment, at least 20% More than when I first racked it. IT does seem to be slowing. But from here...
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    I was thinking of getting one of those long drill bits used to stir paint kinda like this one would that be effective?
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    I am planing on making a Watermelon Green apple wine here in a couple days, and I remember hearing from you fine people that melon juice is quick to spoil. Now I was wondering should I make a yeast starter, or should I start the apple juice first then add the watermelon the like 24-36 hours later.
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    Well our first wine is getting close to bottling (well a month and a 1/2 ). And we still do not have a name for it. And seeing as how we do not have a name for it, I cant make the label :D so I am reaching out to my WMT brethren. So I guess a bet of info is required. whats in it: (100% Fresh...
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    My first Label design

    My friend and I were thinking of making a Cinnamon Mead, and seeing as how I am bored out of my mind I made a label for it...tell me what you think. :D
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    adding labels.

    Would you suggest putting it on before I fill the bottle or wait 'til after I cork?
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    Cool little video

    I have a plug-in on my firefox (web browser Like internet explorer) called stumble upon. it add a little button that when clicked takes you to a 100% random web site based on your settings. this was what it sent me to the last time I clicked it.
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    I was asked a questing I didn't know how to answer

    Well I was starting a batch and had a friend helping me. When It came time to activate and use the yeast he asked a couple of questions I couldn't answer. Here are his questions 1) How do you know for sure that you activated the yeast? 2) how so you know you didn't kill the yeast if you...
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    Martinelli's bottles

    I have a bunch of Martinelli's bottles laying around. So I was planning to use them. But I was wondering if anyone else has used them. I noticed that the opening in the neck seems to be a bit smaller than normal wine bottles. I have yet to buy corks, let alone cork a bottle (other than to reseal...
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    yet another question from Con

    So it has been about 2 weeks since we racked from the primary. Now I know you guys have said that it visual signs are pointless, but in all of the 2 weeks a have barely seen the airlock on the carboy bubble at all. the first couple days It did (like 2-6mins apart:() and now when I check on it to...
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    Our next batch ideas

    A friend and I are thinking of our next couple of batches. add we were wondering what you fine people would think. and if you also have tried the same, any tips or warnings you might have for us. Of if it was even good. For one batch We were thinking about Raspberry and Pineapple. the next was a...