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    Old wine kit -What to do with this??

    A number of years ago (12?) had a flood in my basement and in the mad dash to arrange things, I took a unopened expertwine Merlot kit, put it in a plastic container, sealed it and put it on a shelf in my re-arranged basement. Time went on, family events increased and I forgot all about the kit...
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    Seeking recommendations on 'good' kits

    I've decided venture from my 'beginning with fresh grapes' approach to trying a wine kit. In the past, I've tried a few wine expert concentrated juice only kits (melot, cabs) and while there were OK, they lacked a certain body that only grape skins can provide. I did some searching and found...
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    Why is my wine 'thin'?

    Been making red wine for a number of years from both grapes and juice buckets, primarily Merlot or cabs. The results from the juice buckets and more drinkable than the grapes. However, both approaches produce wine that is ‘thin.’ By that I mean the color is not as deep as Merlot or cabs from...
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    A question about MLF

    In the past, when I started with grapes, I found that doing MLF at the end of the fermentation cycle, took the sharpness out of the wine, and made it smoother and fuller on my palate, which I liked. For this current batch, I started with a 6 gal bucket of merlot juice and it is almost done...
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    Question about checking TA

    I recently got a 6 gal pale of merlot juice. I checked the SG and it was around 1.016 I checked the ph with my meter and it was about 3.6. I did not do a TA test (my NaOH bottle was empty). It would be a day or more till I could get the reagent, so I pitched the yeast and it has been about 4...
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    Bucket of Juice in fridge - how long?

    I got a 6 gal bucket of 'fresh' merlot juice a week ago from a supplier and put it in my fridge at 35 degrees F. I planned on using it this past weekend but that didn't happen. I need to go out of town for work for a while. My question is, how long can I keep the bucket in the fridge until I...
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    Tips for making better wine - suggestions??

    The general question first: what are a couple of improvements in my process that could make the wine better? Background: Been making wine from grapes for the last 15 years, on an off. Over the last 5-6 years have been doing it yearly. My goal is to produce red wine on par with the California...
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    Pressing before or after fermentation?

    Hello: New member here but not new to wine making. Started making wine 20 yrs ago for about 4-5 years, took 'off' for about 11 years, restarted making wine for last 3-4 years. In any case....I got reconnected with some old wine making friends and we have a debate that I'd like an opinion on...