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    got apples now what

    I got 7 big bags of apples today ( free ) have no crusher so what is the best way the make wine from the apples , you know get the juice out
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    at last wood ticks are out

    :):hug had my first wood tick to day on my arm :)::
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    cranberry sauce wine

    has any one made a wine from canned cranberry sauce ??? I have 30 cans and want to make them in to wine
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    wine froze

    I live in mn ,,, we made some wine last fall ,,, fogot all about it til after it was froze (jan ) now we tasted it ,,,it was cear ,, but no Alcohol taste ,, gave the jug a good shake and tasted again that stuff will knock you on you butt ,, don't know why its so strong but it is .. why...
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    first bad cork

    the first time I have run in to a bad cork ,,, I never had a bad one ,I always get natural cork and #9 ,,, never the cheap ones ... I took a aug bottled 2010 plum that has sat on its side all the time ,, tried to start the screw in the cork ,, the cork pushed right down in to the bottle ...
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    no new wine

    every other xmas i got free or almost free fruit to make my wine ,, this year none not even cheap fruit .. :tz not even a good price so no new wine getting made....... but did get cheap sugar , 4 pounds for $1.29 ,, got 260 pounds cause I feed my bees spring and fall and make wine
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    racks and more

    go to this site and go down to the wine retail site .. they a auctioning wine racks and more ends tuesday march 16th . Elk River mn
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    trying chokecherry

    last fall we canned some chokcherry juice .. now I'm ready to make 3 gal of wine .. I don't want to make a 5 gal batch on the first try with chokcherry . how much space do I need to have from juce top to the top of the bucket ,I have made a few wines but always started with the fruit , not...
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    wine storage

    I went looking for somthing last week and run into some thing that I wish I had room for ,, but thought some one here might want .. Its a wine celler type , looks like a big fridg ,, has racks for about 150 - 200 + bottles ,, temp control ,, humidity control .. and the price was $ 50 ...
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    what price do you pay for your honey to be used in mead ??? I'm having a hard time to find 15 pounds that is at the right price . I found some that sounded good but when I stated looking closer it was honey blend ,, meaning honey and corn syrup mix .. Have any of you run into this ...