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  1. Dustyfj

    New Maryland Vineyard

    Im planning on building a small vineyard at my new home in Carroll county Maryland. I’ve got an area roughly 2.5 acres for planting. Ive previously posted here: I just got my soil results back from univ of Delaware. Very excited to...
  2. Dustyfj

    Optimal distance between vines in Maryland?

    I’m planning my little vineyard here in central Maryland (Carroll county). What would be a good distance between vines for a beginner? I’m seeing long distances like 10’ on you tube but local growers seem to use 4-6’ between vines. Thanks in advance.
  3. Dustyfj

    Looking to learn

    Hi all! I just bought a place in Carroll county Maryland that I’m hoping to have a small vineyard on. Only problem is I don’t know anything about farming and less about grapes. I’ve had small gardens and fruit trees before but that’s it. the new house has a south facing hill that the farmer...