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  1. J

    Risk to kit of juice bucket MLF

    Will be starting 2 Chilean juice buckets later this week and intend to co-inoculate with MLB. I have a LE20 kit (grenache/tannat/shiraz) in process that would normally be sitting in the same area as the new buckets. Is there significant risk of accidental inoculation of the kit with MLB? Do I...
  2. J

    Tilt, hydrometer and yeast selection

    A woman with two watches... I have been using a Tilt (wireless hydrometer/thermometer) in addition to my regular hydrometer for awhile now. I quickly figured out that the Tilt's accuracy becomes iffy as the fermentation gets close to finishing - below 1.010, I rely on my hydrometer. So my habit...
  3. J

    Stag's Leap Merlot - low OG

    Started the WE SLM today - added water to 6 gal mark (BMB) per instructions, then added grape skins. OG about an hour after grape skins added was only 1.080, which seems quite low. Haven't pitched yeast yet. Bummed that I should have checked OG before adding all the water as I hate to...
  4. J

    Timing of racking

    Just completed first-time MLF - on a cab juice bucket (OG 1.096; co-inoculated BM 4x4, CH16 24 hours later - used fermentation tannins, lallezyme, Opti-Red, Acting's-ML and Opti-Malo plus on schedule (Brehm's additive pack). Fermented dry (0.995) relatively quickly and left untouched as MLF...
  5. J

    Women winemakers

    Starting a thread as suggested in another conversation - curious how many women winemakers there are on this forum? I have always considered it pretty gender neutral, yet it has been noted that there is a heavy male bias here. How many of us are out there? Are there topics of interest? Different...
  6. J

    Juice bucket and MLF

    I am picking up a frozen juice bucket (cabernet sauvignon) this week and planning on trying MLF for the first time. Have been through many threads here and appreciate all the good advice I have found. My plan is to use BM4x4 and CH16, co-inculated with appropriate nutrients, as well as some...
  7. J

    Favorite juice bucket and tweak?

    Recognizing this question has a huge element of personal preference involved, I am curious which varietals you think produce the best wine when starting from a juice bucket and the tweaks you use on them. COVID wine-making has me eyeing the juice bucket pre-orders as something to play with this...
  8. J

    Poor storage options

    Last Christmas, I took several cases of a 1 year old merlot/carmenere to Texas in preparation for my son's April wedding. Stored in a part of my mother's house that is neither heated nor air-conditioned unless there are visitors (there aren't). Figured I was okay for Jan - Apr. Fast forward -...
  9. J

    Stalled cider

    I started two gallons of hard cider back in Sept - cider was from a local orchard, pasteurized for retail sale (no sorbate or other additives other than citric acid). One with QA23 yeast, OG boosted to 1.070 with brown sugar (also added pectic enzyme, yeast nutrient) Second gallon used S-04...
  10. J

    Excess tannin riche?

    Just decided to add a small amount tannin riche to a Pinot Noir kit that has been in bulk for 9 months - was aiming for .2g/gal (1g for 5 gal), but I think my kitchen scale is either not reliable or just not sensitive enough. While I think I am okay as I was dosing quite low, I am pretty sure I...
  11. J

    Amarone - kit or frozen juice?

    Interested in trying an amarone-style wine, recognizing that there is a lot more to amarone than just the grapes. Trying to decide between a higher end kit or a frozen juice bucket tweaked with raisins (or other options - open to suggestions). Pros and cons?
  12. J

    Slow, stuck or done?

    En Primeur Wine Series: Pinot Noir Rose OG 1.092 (using a Tilt hydrometer) Pitched D47 yeast, added yeast nutrient, 73 degrees (never heavy fermentation activity, but constant) 9 days later, SG 1.018 - racked to carboy Continued slow bubbles - and SG tracked down to 1.012 before stopping 12 days...
  13. J

    Anti-gravity pump not self-priming

    Anyone have any experience with the anti-gravity pump (Northern Brewer)? I received one for Christmas - worked fabulously for several times, then stopped self-priming. They replaced it - second one, same problem. Have been trying to find work-around, but not much is working consistently and I am...