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    Can I still use old chemicals to make Dragon Blood?

    I made a batch of DangerDave's 4 years ago and have all the additives still. All were purchased from a local supplier who has closed their location that was near me. They have been stored loose in small ziploc bags. Are all (any) of these still good to use - tannin powder yeast nutrient...
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    Can I blend kit wine and juice bucket wine?

    Example - I have quite a few bottles of Petite Verdot from a kit - 2 years old. If I make a batch of Chilean Carmenere from a juice bucket, can I uncork a few of the Verdots, blend into the finished Carmenere and (re)bottle it?
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    degassing done poorly, should I rebottle?

    It is clear to me that I did a bad job degassing some wine kits. Can/should I empty the bottles, run them through the all-in-one Santa got me (early present, I've been good this year), and rebottle? If I go that route, do I need to resanitize the bottles or add more meta bisulfite?
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    Stag's Leap opinion?

    I see a deal offered through my credit card - spend $300 at Stag leaps website, get $90 back. Part of me says "I can make 60 bottles versus buying 2-3 bottles of Stag's leap" while the devil in me says "That might be really cool to have for VERY special occasions in the future years". Assuming...
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    Anyone want to swap some bottles?

    I'd be into shipping 3 assorted bottles to anyone for 3 of their finished red kit product that's different than mine. People on this forum have stated it's okay to ship "steak marinade" through the mail, so here's a list of my available steak marinades: RJS Super Tuscan with BM4x4 yeast -...
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    varietal % in kits

    I spoke to Winexpert and was surprised and disappointed at how little of the kit name is actually in there. For example, the Eclipse Ranch 11 Cab Sav I made is only 25% as described with the rest Cab Savs from other areas and countries, plus some other varietals as well. Similar information was...
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    bag in a box

    Has anyone used bags for their finished wine? Example - I bulk age a top-end wine kit for a year. At bottling, I bottle a dozen or two for 1 year+ additional ageing, and place the remaining wine into 1.5 liter, or other size, bags for consumption over the course of a year. According to a...
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    Other Wife says some of my wines "burn" her throat

    I was reading another thread on this site, and AZMDTed said: "As for the sour or bitterness I don't know if we're talking the same thing, but I describe a 'bite' on my wines that are not sufficiently degassed. Whereas alcohol will give a mild 'warmth/burn/tingle' going down the back of my...
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    WineXpert How long to age my completed kit wines

    I'm about to shut down operations for awhile to prep for a move. I have done the wines listed below. All are Wine Expert kits except for the Super Tuscans (RJS). What kind of time range should I target for consumption on each? I'm thinking 1-3 years on most, with 1-5 years on the Eclipse kits...
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    Other Home Brew Supply - out of the wine kit business

    Just got an email, and confirmed with a phone call. Sale on all remaining stock of kits 25% off. Code is GIVEME25.
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    WineXpert Selection Int'l Chilean Malbec / oak spirals

    I just started today. I opted not to add the 2x30g oak powder that came with the kit. I'd like to use some spirals I have. Should I use American Oak heavy or medium? When do I put them in? Are 2 sticks sufficient for a standard 6 gallon kit? Thanks!
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    WineXpert Am I screwed? advice needed

    I have 2 Winexpert Selection International kits that should have moved on to "Step 3, stabilising and clearing", quite some time ago (Petite Verdot should have been 10/8/16, and Italian Brunello on 1/3/17). They have both been under proper air lock the whole time. I know some may just say to...
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    Other How important is it to get off the yeast/lees quickly?

    I've been really bad about transferring from primary to secondary on time, and also about doing the subsequent racking off the fine lees. How much of a negative effect on the taste do you think I've experienced if I were, say, 1-3 weeks late each time?
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    Other Does it make sense to buy kits a certain time of year?

    Hi All, I just placed an order to buy the WE Brunello kit, but then it occurred to me that I'm probably buying a kit made from grapes harvested around a year ago. Is this a valid concern? Example - grapes in Italy are harvested each fall, so if I buy a kit in July, August, or September...
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    Other any Raleigh, NC area members?

    Hi all, I've done Google searches and looked at sites like Meet Up, but can't find any groups of local wine kit makers to share wines, information, etc with. Is there anyone out there from my area that would be interested in swapping some bottles? I've made 7 or 8 kits so far (mostly...
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    375 bottles

    Why are 375 bottles usually mentioned for the port wines? Because they're sweet, strong, or both? What's the downside to using 750s? I've hesitated trying a flavored port kit because I don't have any 375 size bottles. I did just see a sale that seems kick-***, but the shipping is what kills me.
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    WineXpert Should I skip over step 2?

    I would like some opinions or advice please. I'm making the Winexpert World Vineyard Pink Moscato. I started on 6/3/16, but it's still in the primary bucket. The instructions call for me to rack into a carboy after 5-7 days, which I didn't do. Should I just go to step 3, which calls for...
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    WineXpert Will multiple delays spoil my wine?

    Through a recent rash of events, my current batch (started 4/3/16) of WineXpert LE Mosaic Red has had longer time between each step. Specifically, after Step 1 - primary fermentation, rather than the "5-7 days" until Step 2, it was 14 days. Then, instead of "10 days" until Step 3, I was 24...
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    RJ Spagnols Cause of off smell?

    I'm 3 days into primary fermentation of my 2nd Cellar Classic Winery Series Super Tuscan, and it doesn't smell like the first 4 or 5 assorted wine kits that I've made so far. The first 2 days it had an off odor, on the unpleasant side. The last day has seemed closer to the smell I'm used to...
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    WineXpert How long can kit wines age?

    I'm a newbie, so assume I'm just following the instructions to a T. I greatly prefer red wines, so let's focus on them. It seems that I shouldn't expect to open my first bottle until 3 months minimum after bottling. After that, it seems as though it depends on many factors how long I CAN age...