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    Where does it go???

    As we all likely agree, the "Winemaking Talk Forum" has got to be the Premier world-wide Internet site for "beginners to aged" winemakers to learn how and ultimately share the experience. The one thought which has crossed my (and I won't hesitate to say many others) fleeting gray matter from...
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    Your Preference

    who knows... You may be missing out on something great. :?
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    Keeping in touch

    Keeping in touch with the "other winemakers of the world", this article exemplifies the rapidly expanding World of Wine by trying to fill a consumer based need... Bet there's a bit of wailing and gnashing of teeth in France. What's that I hear????? The Charles Shaw Chuckle!! :db...
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    Two Buck Anecdote

    Always fun reading about a thorn in the backside/Underdog :: "We know there are those who swear by it—and those who swear at it. Still, it drops into our shopping carts as if from a friendly wine...
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    Don't know if this is widespread or if it is a new concept. For those with limited space or reservations regarding the fermentation process or simply don't want to get too deeply involved, this approach can still allow for personal touches. Many have likely gotten the e-mail from L'uva Bella...
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    Cold Stabilizing again

    Many have subscribed to the process of Cold Stabilization. I have not (as yet). My question for starters is, what is considered an acceptable maximum temperature for this process to work? AND given the current weather patterns here in the Northeast might there be an "El Nino" disclaimer for...
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    Latest Craze? or maybe not!

    I suppose it was bound to show up sooner or later.:sh
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    Just completed fermentation (.990SG) on Chilean Carmenere juice bucket and racked to carboy. K-meta and Sorbated. Would like to supplement flavor with Blackberrys. Thinking about 1 lb. would add flavor but not bump SG too much. Fresh or frozen, is it necessary to crush to break skins?
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    What to try?

    Picked up a bucket of Frascati juice to add to the White section. Aside from being the wine that "put Rome on the map", is there anything notable about it? I'm mulling the idea of post fermentation flavoring,, possibly citrus of some sort. Recommendations/suggestions/experiences?:a1
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    Just for laffs

    A brewer is a brewer! :b
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    General cleaning

    IMHO,,,I am a firm believer in keeping ones equipment as sanitary as possible throughout the winemaking processes. Personally a spray bottle of K-meta in sanitizing strength is, I believe, sufficient to keep any bugs at bay while you work. For cleaning I am in favor of aggressive "hot...
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    PA Wineries

    A friend sent me this from an article in the Trib.
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    Typlically I use a whip/drill to degass when I stabilize. Some bubble up real good, others not so much. I have tried the vacuum on the carboy and usually get some mid-sized bubbles (not foamy). Just what are the chances of getting all of the CO2 out by conventional method, or is some residual...
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    Recipe (or disaster)

    Started out with the thought of blending some stock vins to come up with a drinkable Blush. A Sangiovese/Reisling combo was suggested so away I went with some Bello-Chilean buckets. Did no analyzing or tweaking. Just followed instructions as usual. Anyway sat down today , closed my eyes and...
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    Rose' or Blush

    Would like to do a good Rose' but don't see any buckets out there right now. Instead could anyone recommend a tasty Blush blend? I was considering 'sperimenting with a Sangiovese/Sauvignon-blanc combo. They are fine as stand-alone so no loss. Any thoughts???
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    Wild try

    I have 4 qts of juice from a wild vine to which I plan to add a gallon of Welches grape fruit cocktail (from frozen concentrate). Enough sugar to bring SG to @1.080. Pectic enzyme solution and Lalvin K1-V1116 yeast. Can I let'r rip or should I include something else to stand a chance of...
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    Vacuum in a carboy

    I use those rubber bottle plugs that take a handheld vacuum pump on partially emptied bottles. Are there any such devices which can be used on a carboy?? Or is a carboy not structurally sound enough for vacuum? I know,, I know,, why not just enjoy the whole bottle!! Topping up reduces the...
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    ,,,Plain sugar or compatable Varietal? Have some Moscato which I K-meta'd and sorbated @1.000. Degassed and 3 weeks it's still at 1.000. Would like it a little sweeter. The lab is set up,,,,what ingrediants to play with??:rdo
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    Most instructions I have read emphasize monitoring S/G and taste in secondary fermentation. The implication suggests stabilizing when a desirable level has been reached. However discussions with thems of far greater knowledge than me say to allow maximim fermentation then back-sweetening to...
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    Best course??

    Got my hands on 4 qts. frozen juice from grapes (Concord maybe?) from a wild vine growing along side the garage. Anyway, should be enough to do in a gallon jug. I've never done a small one like this so the quantities of additives [yeast, K-Meta, Sorbate] are not on my cheat sheet. Would...