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    Stuck fermentation?

    I recently purchased 6 gallons of ice wine juice from a local grower in upstate NY. The Brix was off the chart on my hydrometer. I'm guessing 50+? I added the obligatory crushed campden tablet to the juice and let set a day before pitching EC1118 yeast. I also added yeast nutrient and energizer...
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    New Member from Upsate NY

    Hello! I am new here and new to wine making. My wife bought me a bee making kit for Christmas and I have been busy ever since. I started with a batch of beer and then decided it’d give hard cider a go. Both came out great to my green pallet so I figured I’d give wines a try. I have a batch of...
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    Spoiled Ice Wine

    i have a bottle of ice wine I found that was not properly stored. It was a bottle we bought in 2010. My wife and I decided to open it up and it has I slight vinegar smell and taste. It’s not horrible but not good enough to drink. Now that it’s open, can I let it continue to convert to vinegar...