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    blackberry steamed juice / brix question

    I know it will vary based on type and growing conditions, but can anyone chime in on the average brix of blackberry juice that comes from their steamer? I havent steamed mine yet, they are still in the freezer - but I'm curious about how sweet the product will be. There is a place north of...
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    long time till harvest here, but this season I'm getting a lot of flowers and I've got high hopes for the crop. click the thumb for a bigger image.
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    question about yeast selection for apple wine

    I'm currently working on my first batch of apple wine, and I pitched EC-1118 on it by the homebrew shops' recommendation. I looked around and I do see EC-1118 chosen for apple by many. heres my question - why EC-1118 for apple? because its a neutral fermenter? because of fermentation...
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    hi from west central indiana

    I've been lurking the recipe section a while and thought I'd say hi. I've been making wine a little while, definitely no expert. I'm also a collector of aquatic plants and I mod over on APC (aquaticplantcentral). Theres a lot of primitive brewing involved in aquarium plant keeping - as a cheap...