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    Wine did not clear

    Hi I made a vineco legacy valpolicella wine kit which I added the clearing agent, and it has been 3 weeks and it has not cleared, some sediment has dropped out of it, but when I hold a flash light up to it, I can not see through it, now I am wondering weather I should siphon it out into another...
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    topping up with wine

    Iam curious what the proper way to add a bottle of wine to a carboy is, when you plan to bulk age it, now I realize you could be oxidizing your wine by pouring it in, or should you be siphoning it in? what is the proper technique?
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    RJ Spagnols Australian meritage winery series

    I am getting ready to start this kit, and as I am looking over the instructions, I noticed it has a long spiral peice of oak in it, the instructions do not mention anything in it, other then the oak chips in the bags, my question is do I add this into the primary, the same time as the other oak...
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    Vineco cheeky monkey australian shiraz

    Hi there I am currently finishing a australian shiraz kit that refuses to clear I have left it for 12 days now and it looks almost the same as it did when I added the clarifying agent I followed instructions to a T added metabisulphite stirred and degassed for 2 days added chitosan stirred it in...
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    Vineco 23 liter Vinterra kits

    Hi All I was looking through vineco web site today trying to determine which wine kit that I would process next, I came across the vinterra 23 liter kits now they say that they are 23 liters of pasteurized grape must, is this pure grape must or is there water already added to this? they...
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    adding sorbate

    I bought a kit from costco that was a twinn pack, one was a cabernet sav, and the other was a merlot., I made the cab sav and bottled 9 bottles, the rest went in to a 3 gallon, and a 1 gallon carboy, to bulk age. From the information I have found, they say you can age cab sav for a long time...
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    Blending wines

    I just started making kit wines a few months ago and am so addicted to this that, I spend every spare moment I have reading, and searching, for information on makeing fruit, wines and juice, wines. I was reading an article on the net, and it stated, that you can blend different wines together...
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    adding sulphites

    I started a wine from raspberry frozen concentrate 2 weeks ago, it is a one gallon batch, I added surgar, pectic enzyme, acid blend, 1 oz of grape concentrate, yeast nutrient, and yeast, but after reading some threads on this forum, all the recipies call for cambden tablets, I did not add any to...
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    Bad Odour from wine kit

    I came home from work yesterday went down stairs to my fermenting room, which is about 68 degrees and was greeted with a foul odor coming from my wine kit, that was fermenting in my primary, it is a niagra mist black cherry pinot noir it has been fermenting for 5 days now and the air lock has...
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    Ageing Wine

    I just finished bottling a 6 gallon carboy of valpolicella, from wine expert I bottled 25 bottles, and filled a 1 gallon jug, with a air vent on top of it. My plans are to leave the gallon jug to age for at least 6 months to a year, or maybe 2 years, if I can refrain from tasteing it, should I...
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    adding yeast to a juice wine

    I want to make a 1 gallon batch of pomegranite blueberry how much yeast do I add to this to start it fermenting?
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    question on concentrated juice

    I would like to try and make wine from concentrated juice, now this is the first time I have ever tried to make wine from juice. I have made a few wine kits that turned out good, so my question is if it has ascorbic acid, in it can you use it, will it ferment? the concentrated juice is a blend...
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    Question on a Niagra mist wine

    Hi everyone I am currently making a blue pommegranete wine from niagrw mist, it is in the clearing stage, I followed instructions to a T on making it but one thing that I noticed was that around the edge o f the neck of the carboy 2 inches below the air lock stopper there is a solid peice of...
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    adding finning agent or not adding

    Hi everyone I have made only 2 wine kits so far, and have followed instructions to a T. I was wondering if you were to make a wine kit that was meant to be aged for 3 or 4 months, could you let it age in the carboy, for that time period, without adding a finning agent? would it settle out on...
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    degasing before adding clearing agent

    I am making a wine expert kit vintners reserve, I am at day 17, SG is .990 added sulphate, and sorbate, did not rack stirred vigourously for 2 minutes my question is should I wait for 2 or 3 days stirring ocassionaly or should I add the finning agent right away like the instructions indicate...
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    Hi all I am currently making a wine kit wine expert vintners reserve vallpallicello it is in the secondary fermentation stage day 6 and when I got home from work I noticed a white residue on the inside of the carboy in the void area between the top of the wine and the bottom of the stopper has...
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    tasting wine

    Hi all Iam currently fermenting a wine expert kit vintners reserve valpollicella, it is in the secondary fermentation process at day 4. My question is when is the best time to take a taste test? can it be done right after you degass, and add the metabisulphate, and sorbate, or wait untill...
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    sweetning dry wine

    Hi I am currently making a wine expert, vintners reserve kit, called valpolicella I would like to add wine conditioner to 2/3 of it to sweeten it. Can I sweeten it after I let it age in the carboy for 2 months or should I sweeten it and then let it age? the other 1/3, I would like to leave...
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    Primary fermentor

    Hi everyone my question is, when making a wine kit, niagra mist black cherry pinot noir, can you skip the stage 2 after it states to tske a SG test, and rack it into a glass carboy, could you not leave it in your primary fermentor for 2 weeks instead of going through the extra step of racking it ?