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    Saignée Percentage

    What percentage of juice is good to run off before fermentation in order to concentrate color and flavor. How much is too much and makes an overly tannic wine. thanks
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    does anyone know the rate that SO2 leaves a corked bottle

    For example if a bottle has 50 ppm and is stored at 60f. what will it be in a year? Assuming that the cork is good. thanks
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    Other Fermenting a kit dry that wasn't meant to

    I've been wondering this for a while now. If a kit says its off dry can it be fermented all the way dry, or have they added something to keep it sweet after it has completely fermented? for example could a reisling kit be fermented so that it is dry like Alsation reisling, or will it ferment out...
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    Low Ph after MLF

    I just tested These 2 batches because I was going to put them in carboys for bulk aging, Here are my numbers. batch 1 PH 3.8 TA 6 SO2 30 batch 2 PH 3.83 TA 5.7 SO2 42 I'm unsure where to begin making adjustments, any advice would be helpful. Thanks, Dave
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    Chromatography questions

    I have some questions after doing the chromatography on some wines. 1 From left to right the first 2 look just about done right? 2 the third is a cider I made last fall, it looks like it did a spontaneous MLF I used UV pasteurized cider from a local cider mill. Where did it get the MLB? 3 two...
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    What size racking canes for allinonewinepump

    I just ordered a allinonewinepump, what size racking canes do I need to buy to use it? thanks
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    Deposit on crusher rollers

    I picked up a crusher destemmer off of craigslist. The aluminum rollers have some kind of a deposit or build up on them. It looks like mineral salts or something like that. What is it, and what removes it? Thanks Dave
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    How tenacious is MLB

    I started MLF in a Speidel, now that its chugging along I am going to move the wine to a 3 gallon carboy and a 5 gallon carboy. Will the Speidel be ok to use for things that I don't want to MLF right away? Will Star San kill the MLB?
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    How do the get the color in to juice buckets?

    It's just something I have wondered since the first time I saw red juice buckets for sale. How do the get the color in to juice buckets, and kits? Do they do some kind of cold soak with enzymes and then press?
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    re-using grape in juice bucket

    After fermenting and pressing grapes, could they be added to a juice bucket to punch it up a little, or are they pretty much spent at that point? Thanks Dave
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    Strange ph question

    I had a sample in shot glass. I checked its ph, it was 3.57. I put the glass in a ziplock sandwich bag and planned to check the TA the next day. Before I did the TA test I checked the ph again and it was now 3.4. If anything it should have gone up as carbonic acid left the solution. Why did the...
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    Tannins added as powder vs from oak

    I am trying to understand tannins better. I have seen that sometimes oak chips or sawdust is added during primary. Sometimes tannin powder is also used. I have read the descriptions from the tannin manufacturer and the tannins are derived from chestnut, or oak depending which one you use. So...
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    Why not lactic acid?

    To drop the ph tartaric acid in must or wine is used. I was just wondering why is lactic acid not used? I'm not going to do it, I'm just curious about the reason why. Thanks
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    Malolactic bacteria question

    Hello, I had planed on doing a kit before jumping into grapes, but when I went to the local place they had grapes so I jumped in. I got 3 boxes of Lodi zin and crushed them by hand, (I don't want to do that again). I added Lallzyme EX, the next morning I added Tannin FT Rouge, and Booster...
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    CO2 instead of topping up

    Can I purge the head space with CO2 instead of topping up after racking? Thanks
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    Other Kits and oak

    Hello, I am overly sensitive to oak. most commercial wines taste way too oaky to me. I want to make a kit but, I don't want to end up with 20-30 bottles of wine I can't drink. I don't want to simply discard the oak because I know a certain amount does improve the flavor. I just don't like to...