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  1. Elizajean

    Other Gruner Veltliner?

    I would like to make a wine similar to a Gruner Veltliner, but there are no kits of this varietal. Have any if you found any kit which may be similar, even if a few tweaks are needed?
  2. Elizajean

    Airlock levels

    So, does anyone have a link to a description, or knowledge, as how to interpret the various levels of liquid in airlocks? For example, I have three carboys with airlocks and on one the liquid is about 50/50, the second is more to one side and the third is completely to one side with nothing on...
  3. Elizajean

    Mosti Mondiale 2018 Meglioli

    Has anyone ordered the 2018 Finger Lakes Reisling?
  4. Elizajean

    Lengthy to read

    Hello Everyone! I'm starting to tweak kits and before I ask "answered" questions, I was going to settle in with a very large glass of wine and read the huge thread by joeswines on Tweaking Cheap Kits. So, does anyone know how to get a thread like that into one file to maybe save as a PDF and...
  5. Elizajean

    Other Tired of same old, same old

    Is anyone else tired of making the same brand over and over? I've only been making wine for a year but all except one have been WE and I'm bored with them. I have two Eclipse aging and they taste almost the same to me. Today I ordered the Passport VRM, from Finevines, and a couple of their...
  6. Elizajean

    Other Master Vintner Kits?

    I saw a recent post (Facebook) about these not needing Bentonite upfront like other kits and then read more in the post. The kits sound interesting and if one is to believe the author, of very good quality. Has anyone made these kits? If so, any whites you would recommend? Also, I see they are...
  7. Elizajean

    WineXpert Eclipse Chardonnay & Sauvignon Blanc

    So, after one month in the carboy, it says to bottle. I tasted each and decided to bulk age for awhile longer. The Chardonnay is a little better at this point, more mellow than the SB, which is still quite harsh. For the price of these kits, I am hoping that bulk, then bottle aging, will improve...
  8. Elizajean

    Beer made with wine grape juice?

    Has anyone made beer with wine grape juice? (Pino Grigio, Chardonney, Sauvignon Blanc, etc) If so, how did it turn out? Did you use a kit? Thanks!
  9. Elizajean

    Up next...dry Riesling - recommendations

    I'd like to make a dry Reisling, and am looking for recommendations. Thanks!
  10. Elizajean

    WineXpert Confused

    WE Eclipse SB step 4 instructions, racking and clarifying, say to add metabisulphite if you age wine more than six months. Do they mean if bulk aging, or does this mean total aging which includes in the bottles? These wines will spend years in the bottles, after the one month clarification. So...
  11. Elizajean

    WineXpert HELP Eclipse Sauvignon Blanc NZ has two diff Yeasts!

    Happy Labor Day! I bottled two six carboys and thought I would start my WE Eclipse Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc since I had all the equip sterilized. I opened the SB and there are two yeast packets, I'm sure this is a mistake. EC 1118 and K1 V1116. Instructions say to put in packet, not...
  12. Elizajean

    Other Rose

    I'd liked to make a dry Rose kit next. Does anyone have any experience with Roses and recommendations of which one to try? Thanks!
  13. Elizajean

    Cellar Craft Sterling Chardonnay improvements?

    My CC Sterling Chardonnay is just finishing secondary, next step is degassing. I tasted it today and it seemed harsh, yet fruity. I did not taste much from the original oak chips. Have any of you made this, and would you recommend additional oak, such as cubes at this point? Thanks
  14. Elizajean

    HELP can I start w/o hydrometer?

    I was cleaning and sanitizing all my equipment to start two kit batches today, and broke the hydrometer. My home brew opens at 11am tomorrow. Can I start and pitch yeast, and wait to take first reading tomorrow. Or should I call it a day and wait until tomorrow? I'm buying three tomorrow.
  15. Elizajean

    Other Mouton Cadet like kit?

    I recently rediscovered a white wine I loved in the 80's. Rothschild Mouton Cadet, Bordeaux. It was much more expensive back then! So, is anyone familiar with a wine kit which would be similar?
  16. Elizajean

    Other Orchard Breeze or Island Mist

    Hello All! I would like to make a couple of fruit wines (kits at this point) for summer sipping. I like my wine more dry, rather than sweet, but also like the occasional sangria, a little sweet. Which of these two brands would you recommend, and how can I keep it from being too sweet, yet...
  17. Elizajean

    RJ Spagnols Mivino

    Just saw an ad for this kit on Facebook....any details? Thanks,
  18. Elizajean

    WineXpert First batch, first bottle opened!

    It's very good! Opened my first bottle, from my first batch, tonight after bottling it two and a half months ago. It may be even more smooth in a couple more months, will be "testing" every two weeks. I've been nervous, but honestly it tastes as good as the Pinot Grigio I have been buying. So...
  19. Elizajean

    Big mouth bubbler...mistake?

    So, I think I made a rookie mistake. I bought two 6.5 gal big mouth bubblers for primary fermentation, one came with the kit. Then, I read the instructions on my wine kit and it says I need a bigger bucket. So, I read more and found that a bigger bucket is needed so there is no overflow. My...
  20. Elizajean

    Definition: MLF

    I've been reading posts, but do not know what MLF means. I saw a glossary, but did not find this term. Thanks,