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  1. Elizajean

    Double Oaked Chardonnay!

    Very interesting! I made the WE Eclipse Dry Creek Chardonnay, bottled 12/2017 and it is extremely disappointing. I did not oak, as it is an unoaked Chardonnay. Tastings have been harsh and medicinal in flavor. It has an odd aftertaste and while more mellowed now, after two years, it is still...
  2. Elizajean

    Mosti Mondiale Kits

    I went to their website and did not find any wine kits.
  3. Elizajean

    Oily film on RJS Amarone Classico

    I’ve noticed a lot of views, but no additional responses. What did you do? I had a Tempranillo with some odd surface issues. I was advised to siphon, carefully, from the bottom, leaving the surface behind. I then gave it a dose of kmeta, topped off, and let it sit. That took care of the issue...
  4. Elizajean

    RJS 2020 Restricted Quantities announced!

    A little more info on the Rose. Looks interesting.
  5. Elizajean

    Island Mist Peach Bellini Contents

    Joe, did you add the full fpack at the end, therefore ending up with a sweet wine?
  6. Elizajean

    should there be a concern over the age of top up wine?

    I would not think so. However, I find I cannot bring myself to reduce my wine inventory by topping off. I always try to find a similar commercial wine for topping, and not necessarily the cheapest...something I would be willing to drink and enjoy.
  7. Elizajean

    Wine Kitz Any kits for rose'?

    I made it and it's a nice kit. The fpack will give it the Rose color, otherwise it's just Pinot Grigio. I usually split fpacks, but saved this one to the end, as it did not taste as sweet as others. The wine tasted a little more sweet than I liked, but after aging several months, it has a soft...
  8. Elizajean

    Wine Kitz Any kits for rose'?

    I'm thinking that what makes Mrs Mann very happy, will also make me happy. I won't back sweeten, as I like dry. Going to give this a try. I made the WE Sauvignon Blanc Rose, and while it's ok, I'm not that thrilled.
  9. Elizajean

    WinExpert bentonite dissolving hints / tricks

    Yes, this has been the case with the new WE kits, since they've changed their instructions. The bentonite is more course and it takes more effort to get a slurry. I put very hot water, more than they call for, in the fermentor, add the bentonite, and literally beat the carpe diem out of the...
  10. Elizajean

    Not tweaking high end kits

    I only make kits, higher end ones and a few moderate quality, and they are all very good! I follow the instructions, except I bulk age once all cleared for as long as I wish, then bottle and age some more. Your wine should be drinkable, but continue to improve after about 6 to 9 months, some are...
  11. Elizajean

    Using 6 g carboy for 5 g kit...

    I may have misstated, or been misunderstood. There is nothing wrong with topping off with commercial wine, I do it all the time when after racking I end up low (every time, in fact). I guess I was just wondering about the overall benefit of reducing a six gallon kit to five upfront, and then...
  12. Elizajean

    Using 6 g carboy for 5 g kit...

    First decide if you really should make a 5 gallon from a 6 gallon kit. This is not needed for a good quality kit. It is not an across the board recommendation and only those who are experienced and know how to tweak cheap kits do this. Think about it this reduce a kit meant for 6g to...
  13. Elizajean

    New Kit from WE - Pacifica White...

    This sounds promising, but I have found the off dry whites to be too sweet for me. Does this have an fpak? If so, maybe it could be added upfront? Thoughts?
  14. Elizajean

    Sparkling Wine From Store Bought Wine

    Lara, I just read the article you included and it's pretty clear he used any cheap white off the shelf. I doubt he used anything special, and most commercial, cheap, wine is probably processed the same. Sounds like you may not have used enough yeast, maybe too much sugar, and if your temperature...
  15. Elizajean

    Wine expert double juice bags?

    Are you sure that's the reserve, and that there wasn't a leak from the main interior to the exterior section of the juice bag? Does this kit even have a reserve bag, many do not, the videos are kind of generically all encompassing (showing fpak, just incase there is one). Maybe you need to call...
  16. Elizajean

    Opening Wine Bags

    I use a sterilized large screwdriver to pop it off. Works just dandy!
  17. Elizajean

    No more CC Chateau Du Pays?

    Sometimes, the discontinued wines can be found on Amazon. It's a long shot, but I've gotten a couple that way.
  18. Elizajean

    Any suggestions for PA visit?

    My good friends love the area around Allentown. One in particular is Galen Glen, 30 miles NW of Allwwntown. We haven't been their yet, but looking forward to going there. I like their wine and in particular their Greuner Veltliner. I'll ask my friends for other...
  19. Elizajean

    RJ Spagnols High Tail Niagara Merlot coming

    Brian, dud you switch out the yeast?
  20. Elizajean

    RJ Spagnols High Tail Niagara Merlot coming

    Got mine this week, hoping to start it at least before the end of the weekend. I'll use the yeast provided.