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  1. millwright01

    WineXpert LE 2012 Argentine Malbec Bonarda

    Picked up my special ordered kit today. I can't wait to get this mixed on tomorrow. I have really been looking forward to getting this kit. Anyone else get this kit yet? I always wondered if we get ours earlier or later than other centers.
  2. millwright01

    Unable to Edit again

    I went in to update the post in my signature on what I have made and I am unable to edit it again. Tried to log in again but still no luck. I am able to edit other posts I have made, just not this one. :a1 here is the link...
  3. millwright01

    RJ Spagnols My Diamonds

    I am moving to the Acreage friday so had to get the Amarone bottled today. It got to spend about 5 weeks in my beer fridge cold stabilizing. I was wondering if it would actually drop diamonds and man was I surprised. Thanks all for the info you gave me. :b
  4. millwright01

    RJ Spagnols EP Amarone, should I wait?

    I just purchased anEP Amarone della Valpolicella Classico. Warm weather is coming so cold stabilizing in my garage will not be an option. I don't have a freezer to use but might be able to get it into my old beer fridge. Will it drop diamonds in bulk aging after a few months at 20* Celcius (68*...
  5. millwright01

    Vineco Kenridge Showcase Spanish Cab/Sauv.

    I don't know where my mind was, but I mixed on a Kenridge Showcase Collection Spanish Cabernet Sauvignon last week and forgot to take an initial SG. I guess it is not a huge deal, but if anyone is doing the same kit, could you let me know what the initial SG was on yours? I assume 1.085-1.090...
  6. millwright01

    Millwrights Rhubarb/Berry wine

    I just got this all mixed on and will pitch yeast later this morning. Posting it here in case anyone sees any glaring errors I may have missed since it is my first wine from juice. Recipe is based on juice on hand and info I have gathered from all the members here. I followed some advice from...
  7. millwright01

    Two gallons of rhubarb juice

    I have two gallons of rhubarb juice I just pulled out of my steam juicer. I searched but all the recipes say add the fruit to water. Nothing talks about using juice. Could I make a decent 3 gallon batch from this by diluting with water or should I add some other kind of juice? I don't have any...
  8. millwright01

    WineXpert Started a White Zinfandel

    Hi all. I went to my local shop to pick up my special order Syrah and ended up with a little more than that. If I keep this up I will need to get a second primary fermenter. LOL If I'm using the term right (newbie) I just pitched the yeast yesterday morningon a WE Selection Original White...
  9. millwright01

    Other Vino Europa

    Hi all. I made one of the Vino Europa kit. It is thin. Real thin. But that didn't surprise me after I read a couple of your posts on here. Should have read them first and I would have combined the kits and diluted less. I am not interested in making the other batch the same way and have a...
  10. millwright01

    Hello from Alberta

    Hi all Just surfed in from Alberta and liked what I have seen so far. Hope to be able to contribute but I know I will be able to learn.