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  1. koda_ky

    My Christmas label

    This is for all you wildcat fans go big blue..
  2. koda_ky

    Wild berries

    was out scouting in the woods today and came across a million of these beauties. hope to be making me some blackberry wine soon.:sm
  3. koda_ky


    I made some Kiwi Raspberry and the color was great right up until I put the sorbate and k-meta to stabilize before bottling. and then it turned a pinkish brown, it still taste great but I was hoping to keep that pretty red color. what went wrong. I have had it happen before with a apple...
  4. koda_ky

    Some of my labels

    Hi I started making labels so i could keep track of what everything I had bottle was. here are a few of them.
  5. koda_ky

    Where is Steve

    I haven't seen Steve in awhile hope everything is ok.
  6. koda_ky

    another place for free bottles

    Hi everyone I just ran onto another place to get free bottles, my wifes brother is a garbage man and I ask him if he sees any wine bottles on his route to save them for me and he brought me fifty the first week, and said that he will get about that many every couple weeks. so check with your...
  7. koda_ky

    Plastic bottle carboys

    Ok I tried the plastic 3 gallon carboys and at first I liked them until I got a glass one. I went to pick up my cranberry and the plastic jug let the water in the air lock suck back into my wine. I still may use them until I can afford to replace them with glass ones, also I shake to degas you...
  8. koda_ky

    Lemon juice

    Hi I cut some pears up for freezing and I put them in water with a little lemon juice in it until I got them in freezer bags, and it kept the pears from turning brown. I drained them before putting them in the bags. will the lemon juice hurt the flavor of the wine made with them? Thanks Koda
  9. koda_ky

    prairie fire crabbapple

    Hi all i have got my hands on a load of these crabb apples and was wondering if anbody has made wine with this crabb apple. they are very small and are wine red. I looked them up on the internet and they are edible. they are about the size of a cherry. thanks:b
  10. koda_ky


    Hi all I have made a one gallon batch of apple raspberry and up until I back sweetend it the color was fine. I waited a week and bottled it and the color went from a light red to a more brownish red. it taste fine and everything. I don't know if I did something wrong when I sweetend it or if I...
  11. koda_ky

    Sg question

    I started my last batch with a 1.100 starting sg, it finished at 0.995. my question is what is the alcohol content of that batch. I get how it works for the most part and I never start without it now. but sometimes I still get lost on the alcohol content. Thanks Koda
  12. koda_ky

    Bottling time

    I am getting ready to bottle my first batch, I back sweetend and put potassium sorbate in it and racked it into a new carboy with airlock, and now it is pushing the water in the airlock like it is fermenting again. how long does it usually take to stop when you do this? Thanks:h
  13. koda_ky

    vine peach

    Has anyone ever made wine from vine peaches before? They grow good here but they taste kinda like a mango. Thanks Koda:r
  14. koda_ky

    best yeast for strawberry

    Hi all I just given to me enough fresh strawberries for a one gallon batch of wine. I out all the ingredients in the primary last night with this recipe. 3 1/2 lb berries 7 pts water 1 tsp acid blend 1/4 tsp tannin 1/2 tsp pectic enzyme 1 tsp nutrient 1 campden, crushed starting s.g...
  15. koda_ky


    Hi I am going to try some wild raspberries and where I am at ( eastern Ky) they tend to come on at different times and I want to know if freezing them and waiting until I get enough to start is ok? I have lots of wild fruit that grow here on my farm( raspberries, gooseberries, blackberries...
  16. koda_ky

    Dandelion ?

    Hi I started some dandelion wine today, and put everything in primary and then realized that I had no energizer. Will that make a difference? the recipe I have calls for it. but I have seen others that didn't. My recipe is 7 cups dandelion petals 1 lb light raisins 1 gal hot water 2 lb...
  17. koda_ky

    Hi from Kentucky

    Hi everyone I am from the eastern part of Kentucky. Just started with my first wine kit.:)
  18. koda_ky

    adding sugar

    Hi I am getting ready to rack my second time, should I add sugar now if I want it sweeter or should I wait till bottling?:rolleyes: