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  1. Noontime

    Post your labels here

    Sorry messed up my previous post. Love the name and imagery of the bluesberry. A lot of people get "witty" wrong, great job.
  2. Noontime

    Post your labels here

    If you're looking for something pre-designed, we have The Everything Label which is removable, reusable, washable, and erasable. We have hundreds of designs you can personalize. you can checkout the youtube video here.
  3. Noontime

    Post your labels here

    Great job! And I commend you on getting the artist's permission, wonderful!
  4. Noontime

    New Wine Label

    That's a pretty cool idea about the plastic wrap. And the label is a great design too.
  5. Noontime

    Post your labels here

    Yeah that does look good on the clear. Clear labels are tricky... you usually need a printer that will print white behind everything else. Home printers use the white background of the paper to create lighter colors. It is possible to make great labels if you keep that in mind while designing...
  6. Noontime

    Carrot-Ginger Redundancy

    I just started a lemon ginger mead and have some ginger left over... I think I might make a carrot ginger mead; some good perspective on this thread. :)
  7. Noontime

    increasing abv after primary

    I'd be surprised if EC1118 didn't bring it down well below 1.000 unless there's an environmental issue (temp, etc). I know this was almost 2 weeks ago... did adding sugar help?
  8. Noontime

    Post your labels here

    Love that hang tag label; very creative and very well done.
  9. Noontime


    Very good points. And you also have to account for everyone's individual tastes and style choices; could be that tannin in every wine is exactly what's enjoyable for someone. That's one of the things about making my own wine that I absolutely love, is not only can I make wines that I personally...
  10. Noontime


    It doesn't seem like tannin would be needed (or wanted) in a cranberry wine. There's no necessity for tannin in wines; it helps bring balance to some wines and helps with aging (again, some appropriate wines). I've only encountered a few fruit wines (not grape) that benefited from tannin...
  11. Noontime

    Pineapple wine

    The yeast might eat through some of it, but probably not a whole lot. Like G259 said about peach, and what we've had with our mango wines, it you loose some volume due to the heavy lees. We use a nylon painters mesh bag for the fruit, and then squeeze out as much as we can (which will leave...
  12. Noontime

    Horrid taste on the back end.

    All 3 of your wines (to me) seem like they should have some residual sugar to make them palatable. I'd backsweeten to taste and like Sal said, give them some time to integrate and mature.
  13. Noontime

    Labels has good products too, and also has removable adhesive options. Any address label is probably going to be very similar in weight and quality with permanent adhesive, so I would just go by price.
  14. Noontime

    Help for a beginner

    I would not use the oak chips meant for grilling. You can certainly do it, but I would only do it as an experiment and only on a small quantity; and I would not have high hopes for it to make anything better. There are whiskey barrel oak products out there specifically sold for wines. With that...
  15. Noontime


    For online labels, stoney creek does make nice labels. Noontime Labels (my company) also has removable labels and might a be a little cheaper, and we have hundreds of designs to choose from. There's a full spectrum of choices depending on what you want it to look like, how much work you want to...
  16. Noontime

    Post your labels here

    Here's our latest I just made for a Halloween party we went to. You know what's worse than zombies? Drunk zombies. :)
  17. Noontime

    Newbe...very confused.

    And if you just racked it off the gross lees, you'll probably want to let it sit for a few weeks to let it settle out more (solids precipitate out). I've never done a gallon batch, so I'm not confident in how much time it takes. It is wine now though, so you can start drinking it anytime you...
  18. Noontime

    Newbe...very confused.

    You are spot on with your concerns (which I mean as a compliment). Yes you want to reduce the amount of headspace as much as possible, so there is the smallest amount of surface area contacting air. If it's in the neck you don't have anything to worry about. It's always recommended you get the...
  19. Noontime

    Corks Hard To Remove

    I had the same issue and it was the bottles... we bought cases of bottles and when we started opening them realized they were a #!*$% to get out. It was actually the neck that caused the problem. Seems these bottles had a bit more taper to them, so the cork would expand out a lot more on the...