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    Middle section of cane has no shoots

    I have a third year backyard grapevine. I let it go wild last year and did not have a trellis set up for it until today. It has put on about 1 month of growth. I noticed on one of the canes that I want to place on my fruiting wire, there is a middle section of no shoots (just buds that are...
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    Forgot to dormant prune my grapevine

    Newbie here. Growing table grapes using VSP trellis. Variety is unknown. It's a third year grapevine. I got too busy to prune it just before emerging from dormancy. And it put on 1 month of growth. A. Is there a problem with forgetting to prune during dormancy other than convenience and...
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    How many clusters per grapevine?

    I have a third year grapevine. How many clusters is recommended for its third year? Do I increase that amount next year? I am actually growing them for table grapes, but if growing them in the style of wine grapes makes them tastier, I don't mind growing them like that. If it's worth it.
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    How to install fruiting wire?

    I have 1 backyard grapevine and I'm going to trellis it using VSP trellis (aka mid-wire cordon or MWC). I will be using T-posts as my end posts. And I will be using a turnbuckle to tighten/loosen the fruiting wire as season changes, wire becomes loose, etc. My question is how to do I attach the...
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    Where to find U-bolts for T-posts for grapevine trellis?

    Hi guys, I'm looking to set up a VSP trellis in my backyard. I would like to use T-posts instead of wood. To install crossarms on the T-posts (crossarms needed for catch wires), I would need these specialized U-bolts: The...
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    How to determine growth habit without knowing variety

    I am trying to grow some grapes in my backyard as a newbie. I have a grapevine in its second year that needs to be trellised badly. My two options are VSP or TWC. From what I've read, VSP is for upward growing varieties and TWC is for trailing growth varieties. My question is: I do not know...