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    Deacidification of Grape wine

    D-E-A-C-I-D-I-F-I-C-A-T-I-O-N..... The word alone should be enough to get rid of any excesses!!! LOL
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    To Stir or Not to Stir - Juice Buckets

    Stir it up right after you take your SG reading..... Just enough to release some of the CO2 and get the must in suspension. Does a batch GOOD!!!
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    Skipping Degassing

    No matter which method you use, vacuum or gravity, try allowing a little "splash" when you rack-over. I too do most all of mine in the cellar which is usually in the 60's and I too carboy age for about a year with rack-overs @90 day intervals. While there are exceptions, most all have degassed...
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    Question about aging a wine

    IF you have the equipment and IF you have the patience you will be happy with the results of bulk aging. I keep my REDS under wraps for at least 12 months. Whites (with a few exceptions) rarely benefit from much more than 4 months of bulk treatment,, clarification being the main benny.. If...
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    Blowing my own trumpet

    Ehhhhhh,,,, Name That Tune!!! LOL
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    Basic Physics.... P over a lot of SI's will result in a lot of Force :db
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    Juice pail natural yeast

    Another basics lesson to take note of,,, thank you "pgentile". Sounds simple enough to just add some more sugar and start over. But you cannot forget about the alcohol that's already been produced. Research your yeast choice to be sure of alcohol tolerance :slp
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    Juice pail natural yeast

    You should always ask your distributor if juice buckets are pre-inoculated or not. Many do this, but also as many do not or have stopped due to customer complaints of fermentation "start-up" before they've even gotten home. Of no real consequence but you may want a particular result that a...
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    hose off or not

    Certainly cannot hurt anything...
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    When to bottle after using super clear

    "Stabilizer" in the general sense is usually referring to Potassium Sorbate. Although usually used in conjunction with Potassium Metabisulfite, it's purpose is to prevent unwanted re-fermentations after initial AF. And to be clear, let's not forget the notion that TIME is a winemakers friend...
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    Malolactic Fermetation

    As you can deduce from all of the responses, most anything you do aside from the necessary basics is all about YOUR taste!!! Not to say that experimentation is a bad thing tho... :b
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    Visual check after bottling (reds in particular)

    If you are particular enough, you'll know and follow proper procedures throughout your process. Aside from consuming, bottling your wine should be considered the last step! I do not know anyone who employs the "clear bottle" check.... Besides, by the time you notice it it'll be too late...;)
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    Anyone know anything about well pumps?

    Keeping it simple,,,, likely the "foot valve" allowing pressure water from the pump to escape the jet assembly. Or as was mentioned, a leaky pipe connection. Replaced mine with a good submersible. Most well "testings" involve being able to supply a predetermined quantity in a predetermined...
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    You can make this enjoyable too ,,,,, simply take a mouthful, slosh it back and forth thru your teeth. You'll know if there's any fizz (CO2 gas). Then swallow and enjoy:b
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    Fermentation Bucket Size

    Seriously doubt that there'd ever be any consequence of "going big(ger);)"
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    Adding Surgar

    Consider a proper yeast (which can tolerate the higher proposed alcohol level) when assembling your supplies. I like to use "Torani" brand syrups as they are available in so many flavors.
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    Time in a bottle makes a big difference.

    Going back a little further, "Leo K" is still one of my fav finger guitarists!!
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    Temperature Control System

    Gotta love technology,,,, but what would the ancients (Medieval Monks) have to say??? You'd likely be exorcised for consorting with demons. And I do believe that the fruits of their ferments were enjoyed just the same :b
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    Stuck ferm

    Possibility that the alcohol level may be too high already??? Ergo the beginning numbers please! Have some Nutrient/booster handy as well. Do not despair!!!