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  1. reefman

    Degassing wine

    I was watching some you-tube videos the other day and I ran across one on degassing. I always thought that we were removing CO2 when degassing, but this video said that the small bubbles that exit the wine first are sulfur dioxide gas bubbles. The bigger bubbles that exit after the SO2 are the...
  2. reefman

    Cornucopia Coconut Francasi Kit

    Does anyone have kit instructions for a Cornucopia Coconut Francasi Kit? Mine got lost in the move from Maryland.
  3. reefman

    Packlab Cornucopia kit instructions

    Does anyone have kit instructions for a Cornucopia Coconut Francasi Kit? Mine got lost in the move from Maryland.
  4. reefman


    Does anyone use a refractometer, and are they specific to the process your are doing? I have a refractometer for measuring salt water SpG, can it be used to measure wine as well, or do I need to purchase another?
  5. reefman

    I'm back too!

    Like bkisel...I just moved as well, but not to PA. I lived in PA for almost 60 years (and got taxed to death). Now I'm in lower slower Delaware. Lots of chicken farms, watermelon farms and 1 vineyard. Anyway, I moved 24 gallons of wine in well padded carboys, in the back of my pickup truck...
  6. reefman

    skeeter pee volcano

    Was in a hurry today, and added Sparkloid, and Potassium Sorbate just a few minutes apart to my Skeeter pee. This pee was started early January and finished fermenting a few weeks ago at 0.994. After these two additions, I got lazy and added 3 cups of sugar (dry) rather than making invert sugar...
  7. reefman

    Peach Wine

    I've been searching the forums and can't seem to find the threads on Peach Wine recipes. I know it's been discussed a few times over the past few months, but I just can't seem to find the threads. Anyone have links or recipes handy for a good peach wine? I have the peaches thawing now and wanted...
  8. reefman

    Banana wine

    I've been cleaning out the freezer to make room for the Christmas Turkey and Ham. I've got about 20 plus pounds of bananas I'd like to make into wine. I've c=scanned through the recipes forum, found a few recipes, but I was wanting to see who's made a batch recently and your recipe. Anyone...
  9. reefman

    New batch of Peach

    Getting ready to make a batch of peach wine. Just scored a lot of peaches. Any "newer" recipes out there? I've searched the recipes forum, and nothing there really strikes my fancy. Thanks.
  10. reefman

    Bad cork job

    Every batch I make, has a few bottles that the corks just don't go in right. I'm at a loss as to why I have this problem. I use a double lever hand corker. Any ideas why?
  11. reefman

    What's your user name mean?

    Okay, I can guess at a lot of the user names out there, but many have me baffled, so I'll start. Reefman comes from my many years of SCUBA diving and love of coral reefs. I've kept reef tanks of live coral, fish and inverts for over 20 years, from tropical to temperate climate tanks.
  12. reefman

    Wine Webinar - January 9th -

    Another ACS wine webinar Wine Science – Designing Great Wines Coming next week. FYI. I am not associated with this organization.
  13. reefman

    Second pressing skins

    Can someone go into more detail on the second pressing of the skins? How do you go about doing this and get more wine? JSwordy mentions it in his Moonshiner Muscadine thread.
  14. reefman

    pH vs. free SO2 in concord wine

    Can we discuss pH vs. Free SO2 levels....this is the first time I've heard this mentioned. What's the relationship between the two, and how do you calculate ppm of SO2 required, based on pH?
  15. reefman

    books - The Home built Winery

    "The Home built Winery" by Steve Hughes Has anyone read this book, and made any of the equipment? I'm thinking about buying it.
  16. reefman

    Niagara Vines

    I got some cuttings from a friends Niagara vines this past spring, and started 10 vines. I did not plant them in the ground, they are still in pots. One of the vines really took off, and I found out it sent roots through the bottom of the pot. 1. Can I just cut off the root and transplant the...
  17. reefman

    Concord from grapes

    I just scored a 1/2 bushel of concord grapes. (I have no idea how many pounds this is) I've been searching for some Muscadines, but ran across this concord. Does anyone have a good, detailed recipe for concord? I've never made wine from grapes until now,:sh and I don't want to mess it up. Thanks.
  18. reefman

    ACS Webinar on Wine Making

    In case anyone is interested, here's another ACS webinar (free) on wine making. You need to register to get the link emailed to you. Dive deeper in to the chemistry of wine as Dr. Susan Ebeler, professor of Viticulture and Enology at UC Davis returns to explain how...
  19. reefman

    Walker's Niagara or Concord

    Did anyone buy Hotpack juice from Walkers this past season, and did it have the haze issue that the prior year had? Don't get me wrong, I really like the Walker's hotpacks, just wondering if the issue existed this past harvest. Especially with the Niagara juice pack.
  20. reefman

    Floor corker recommendations

    I'm going to bite the bullet and get a floor corker. I'd like to hear everyones opinions on which they think is best.