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    brain fart

    Hello everyone, haven't posted in a while, but I have a question. I am making a 3 gallons of wine from some wild Muscadines, and I had a brain fart and added potassium sorbate to the juice instead of a campden tablet. Have I ruined my wine or can I wait and add more yeast?
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    I am sick, I made a bone head mistake last night, I was racking my Afelwen into my bottling bucket, got a nice slow siphon going and got distracted by my 6 yr old so went to run his bath, came back and the hose had jumped out of the bucket and all but about 2 bottles of my awesome apple wine...
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    I love it when a plan comes together

    I have a batch of Afelwen just about cleared enough to bottle, so I took a little sample tonight, and it is wonderful. I took a tea bag and emptied it out and filled it with powdered cinnamon, then boiled it in a cup of apple juice then added it for back sweetening and it left just a hint of...
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    chocolate question

    I am thinking of doing a black raspberry chocolate wine next I ordered the juice already and was trying to decide how to add the chocolate flavor, I have read up on nibs, coco powder, and extracts, but I am totally confused now lol, so looking for advice which way would give me a slight...
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    I was looking thru my aged wine last night and found a couple bottles of a black raspberry wine I made 3 yrs ago, it was one of my first attempts at wine making, made from some wild berries I found growing on my land. It had a lot of sediment in the bottom of the bottle, but it was one of my...
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    never oaked before need advice

    Ok, I have this beautiful Tart Cherry dessert wine making right now, it is still 2 weeks until I start finishing it, I plan on a sweet dessert wine, I also have about 8 oz of white oak that I harvested, dried, and lightly toasted. I have never oaked a wine before, but have tasted some nice...
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    stupid fruit fly

    I'm pretty sure I'm ok but just wanted to throw this out and get a second opinion, I noticed a fruit fly in my airlock, then when I took the cap off to pour it out the liquid got sucked back into my wine, I got the fly out within 2-3 seconds, and I use a cheap high alcohol Vodka for airlock...
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    bung ?

    I bought a 3 and 5 gallon plastic carboys and the label says they have 53mm caps so I am guessing hole would be 50-52 mm what size rubber bung would I need to buy for these?
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    I have been making wine at home for about 3 years now, learning mostly by trial and error and some web surfing, never used a kit, and have made some very good and very bad wines lol. I joined this forum about a week ago, and I have learned more in this week just skimming the posts then I learned...
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    how long to wait

    I have a gallon of Afelwen that has been at .990 for the past 3 days, I usually pasteurize before back sweetening but I decided to try sorbate this time, my question is how long do I need to wait after I add sorbate before I back sweeten and bottle?
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    add water or not

    I am making a tart cherry dessert wine. I put 5 lbs of dehydrated tart cherries(got a great deal because of past sell by date), 16 oz honey, pectin enzyme,2 gallons of water, and EC 1118 yeast in a 2.5 gallon fermentor, 1/2 inch head space left. After 3 days this stuff is so dark it looks...
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    Hello from Tennessee

    I have been making home wines for a couple years now, started out just as an experiment and found I really liked it. Most of what I have learned has been trial and error. Like my first attempt, Concord grapes from my vines in a pickle jar with bread yeast, on my porch in 90+ weather lol I ended...