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    Grape wholesaler in Indiana?

    Trying to make some wine from grapes and I can't find anybody who's selling grapes in Indiana. Can somebody help identify a wholesaler here? California grapes preferable but I can't be pickey.
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    First ever and didn't sanitize carboys

    I'm at the stage of transferring wine from wine carboy to the other to remove the sediment on the bottom but I haven't sanitized any of the carboys. How do I know if the wine is ruined? It tastes a little too brusco but I'm blaming myself for letting it ferment too long. I found some videos...
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    Does anybody offer destemming and crushing services in Indiana? I live in Bloomington and I'm not set up yet to do it with my own equipment. I called the wineries around but they are not set up for less than a ton of grapes while I'm starting with about 100-150lbs. The help is greatly appreciated.