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    Can I primary in a 6.5 g glass carboy & to do extended maceration on wet grape skins?

    I have the RJS En Primeur Amarone kit with 2 kilos of wet grape skins. I'm excited about trying extended maceration (EM) but so far I just have plastic buckets and glass carboys from my home brewing set up. I may eventually buy a Speidel, or Big Mouth Bubbler, or Fermonster or something else...
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    Could wet skins or even dry skins be re-usable?

    Curious if I could do an RJS premium kit in my primary (say Super Tuscan or Amarone), followed immediately by an RJS Cru International kit (say Sangiovese or Nebbiolo). Between batches I would clean and sanitize the primary, but I would start batch 2 the same day I racked batch 1 to secondary...
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    RJ Spagnols Only day 8 into first kit & already tweaking things thanks to the tips here (RSJ Nebbiolo 12L Int'l Cru)

    Hello all, I've been reading the kit winemaking thread in earnest since starting my first kit on Super Bowl Sunday with the RSJ International Cru Nebbiolo. I was a bit skeptical but also tempted due to how much good Nebbiolo (Barolo and Barbaresco) costs. So I read more about wine kits and the...