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  1. surlees

    sanitation rack

    Great! I think I'll try to make one. Thanks again.
  2. surlees

    sanitation rack

    I like it! I see you have a Flo-Jet pump, but what is the model? Thanks.
  3. surlees

    Apple Juice wine advice

    The difference in color is probably due to greater oxidation in the darker wine---you know how an apple slice turns brown when exposed to air. Sulfite, when added, will lighten it somewhat. Also, it could be the raisins you used were darker. I wouldn't worry about it, just keep air exposure to a...
  4. surlees

    Newbie to the forum....

    True grappa is a high alcohol product---higher than wine--and requires specilized and expensive equipment to make. If you make wine from the Regina grapes you have, I bet he will enjoy it.
  5. surlees

    Apple Juice wine advice

    I didn't see any mention of pectic enzyme being used pre-fermentation. Apples have a lot of pectin. Also, apple wine is notoriously slow clearing, but eventually the pectin and suspended matter will settle out necessitating you rack it several times (usually when you get about 2 inches or so of...
  6. surlees

    Will wine age in a screw top or beer bottle?

    Get them from the bartender!
  7. surlees

    RJ Spagnols Adding additional KMeta

    Without sulfite testing equipment (Vinmetrica, A/O, etc.) sulfiting is a guesstimate. The amount to be added is also pH dependent. In the absence of testing the usual recomendation is 1/4 tsp./6 gallons every 3-6 months. A red wine won't consume as much as a white wine, so for a Super Tuscan I...
  8. surlees

    one racking instead of several?

    I agree. Wines often improve up to several days after opening. That's why long aged reds are decanted and allowed to breath after opening. Also, why aerators are now on the market. Other than the bit of air that exchanges through the cork, the wines have been in a low oxygen environment all that...
  9. surlees

    member pin up location?

    Welcome to the forum! Go to the Home page, scroll down to "The Map" icon and click on it.
  10. surlees

    Will wine age in a screw top or beer bottle?

    I think your best option would be to go to a recycling center if there's one near you and pickup some free wine bottles. Lots of people recycle wine bottles.
  11. surlees

    cloudy wine after stabilizing

    Okay, if you've followed directions and used your fining agents (chitosan & kiesosol, Sparkloid, or whatever was provided), then be sure it's degassed well (imporatnt) because CO2 will keep particles in suspension. Next, assuming it's been sulfited (and maybe sorbated), just top up the carboy...
  12. surlees

    High ph

    It wouldn't hurt to recalibrate it to be sure. I'm just saying it would be highly unusual for Sauvignon Blanc to be this low in acid. Often it's the opposite problem when not fully ripened.
  13. surlees

    High ph

    Highly unusual for SB since it's usually fairly acidic. I'd want to be sure the pH meter is properly calibrated and confirmed by a relatively low TA (<7-8) before making any acid additions. Also, taste the juice. At 3.8 it should taste sweet, but flabby. The sugar will disguise some acidity, but...
  14. surlees

    one racking instead of several?

    My belief is that wine gets ample exposure to oxygen even if minimum rackings are done. Bottling plus the airspace in the carboy or other storage container during aging provides all the O2 wine needs. Why do professional winemakers spend big bucks to use variable volume tanks and top with inert...
  15. surlees

    one racking instead of several?

    Technically there is, but wines under redox conditions become less reductive whenever they are exposed to oxygen whether it be through racking or barrel aging. The greater challenge for home winemakers is avoiding oxidation rather than avoiding redox. This is why sulfite is so important as it...
  16. surlees

    one racking instead of several?

    Wine should be racked only to remove it off gross lees which is the heavy sediment that drops out early on after fermentation. Light lees (1/4 - 1") or so is not harmful so long as the sulfite level is maintained at the correct level. During aging wine will continue to drop some lees as solid...
  17. surlees

    What to do with my 15 gal fermenter?

    There is no problem with the fermentation vessel being oversize and air during fermentation is good because yeast need oygen during fermentation. It's after fermentaion when all the CO2 produced by fermenting grapes has been degassed that exposure to air becomes a problem. Air causes wine to...
  18. surlees

    Testing Acid Question

    There's nothing wrong with a TA of 9 if it tastes good to you. It's low TA that may contribute to bacterial growth.
  19. surlees

    Pruning Grape Vines

    I'll have to bow out then because I live in a vastly different climate than you and I'm not familiar with your growing conditions.
  20. surlees

    List of additives to have on hand

    Except during fermentation, most things can wait to be bought as you have need for them. I would never start a fermentation without yeast (of course), pectinase, tannins (oak dust or brand name products), enzymes (name brand products), sulfite, calcium carbonate, Fermaid-K, Go-Ferm, tartaric...