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    WineXpert Private Reserve Fiero Kit Started

    Just started the Fiero tonight. I know it will be messy later, but I always have better results when I let the skins and oak chips swim free. My SG was 1.097. I'm going to let it cold soak for 12 hours and pitch BM4x4 with some Opti Red Tannin tomorrow. Following my normal pattern of no...
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    What's in your glass tonight?

    2019 Passalacqua Lavender Hill Primitivo
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    What's in your glass tonight?

    2019 Forza. Love the dark cherry and chocolate notes.
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    Corona Virus & Day to Day

    There were no after effects from first Pfizer injection. The main problem was the procedure. No, the nurses were aces, it was the patient who was the problem. I have had severe needle phobia (Trypanophobia) for a number of years. The nurse rolled her eyes when I sat down and told her I had...
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    Used wine bottles

    Yes. Now that I switched to two separate soaks, I'm not seeing the deposits on my used bottles with my peelable labels. @Scooter68 Thanks for the idea. Next cleaning run, I may see if I have any "oxydized" and try the distilled vinegar treatment.
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    Used wine bottles

    Love an Oxy soak, but I'm starting to notice that some of the bottles that are on the 2nd or 3rd pass through my delabeling pipeline are starting to get "oxidized" on the outside. It makes me worry about the insides and those get recycled. I'm now using a dish soap soak for unlabeled bottles...
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    What's for Dinner?

    Great video!
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    My First Attempt at Dangerdave's Dragon Blood

    Congrats. Love the labels. I found a 1.5L Blueblood (Blueberry) from 2019. I opened it and put it on ice. After a couple sips, wife and I both said the flavor had dropped significantly and I ended up dumping.
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    Strawberry wine help

    Your right. Might explain why I haven't had issues with "untreated" Costco fruit.
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    REVIEW: *allinonewinepump*

    Fantastic! Can I just order it from the website? I seem to always manage to suck some backflow during bottling thru the valve into the reservoir bottle.
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    REVIEW: *allinonewinepump*

    Love my AiO. Saves so much time racking, degassing, and bottling. I really wish there was a better vacuum relief valve available. I'm on my second one and it is failing. It seems that wine/water/Starsan corrodes the spring which eventually prevents the value from staying closed. The only...
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    Strawberry wine help

    Bernard, Great point. I have always treated my fresh fruite, but not my frozen fruit. I think I've always been more afraid of the wild yeast on fresh fruit than I have with frozen fruit. This study found "Survival dropped abruptly between -10° and -30°" and "that yeast that die as a result...
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    Strawberry wine help

    When using fresh berries (not frozen), make sure to kill off any wild yeast (campden/potassium metabisulfite) before you start you pitch your fermentation yeast.
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    Bottled my first ever made wine this week!

    Awesome. Now get some labels on those naked bottles.
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    Wine Bottle Racks

    Love these shelves. Haven't found them at Amazon/Costco. Free shipping to NE if i buy all? ;)
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    Other Anyone Adding Fruit to their Wine Kits?

    Added the pears and the raisins. Just bottle the CC Viognier yesterday. Wow. It is great. Having trouble finding another CC kit. May have to try the WE 8L kit, but worried about the reduced volume. They are $57.19 at LP.
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    Post a Meme, any Meme! (no politics)

    Going to suggest that this question would get better results if posted in the Yeast, Additives & Wine Make Science forum.
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    Post a Meme, any Meme! (no politics)

    Low death rate does not seem relevant when someone has lost friends/family to Covid. Pretty sobering to have a close friend's family declare DNR one day and the next day turn off the ventilator. He was gone within the hour.
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    BlackBerry wine

    Love concentrates. I use 1 1/2 Gallon concentrae and 12 lbs of frozen blackberries. I may try Dawg's guidance of upping the concentrate on my next batch. I also spike my 6 gal batches with 2 750 ml Blackberry Brandy. Yum. My Blackberry hooch receives rave reviews.