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    Stirring Lees?

    I recall reading a thread about this on this forum and if I recall correctly it helps out with the mouth feel of the wine?...
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    What jobs have you had...?

    14-16 Washed cars/changed oil at the local drivers ed school 16-19 Farm laborer 20-21 personal fitness trainer/college student 21-23 Farm laborer again/college student 23-24 Telecommunications C.O. Technician 24 Electronics/PCB repair technician 24-Current Automation Systems technician
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    New batch started a few days ago

    you did all this in the carboy? hopefully you didnt fill it up to high otherwise it may foam up and over flow through your airlock. Just about everyone here starts out in a primary bucket and leaves a couple inches to the top just in case (so the foam doesn't spill over), its also easier to...
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    New App for iPhone

    there truly is an app for everything:br....I've been waiting for something like this to come out, so when is the app being released?:)
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    I found a youtube video demonstrating the way I degas, I use a different brand vacuum pump, I use a VacuVin which has a different type of stopper. So I just shove the stopper supplied with the VacuVin into the top of my airlock (water...
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    Apple Juice wine/cinnamon

    this thread reminds me of a drunken conversation i had with a friend of mine... anyone ever use applesauce to make wine?
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    Raspberry wine-Is this normal fermentation?

    Im kinda curious about that "cheese curd looking stuff" any of you gurus know what that is exactly? I had quite a bit develop when I added my f-pak, but it has since settled to the bottom, is it just pectin? I used 8#s of frozen berries which I simmered down in a pot and strained through a fine...
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    Raspberry wine-Is this normal fermentation?

    That looks just like my raspberry did.. It took about 24-36 hours to get going and I used lalvin 1118..
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    SWMBO likes it!

    I feel like a nerd :slp...I had to Google SWMBO
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    manufacturing problem with white plastic fermenters

    Wow, I have one of these, and I am seeing the crack starting to develop.. Thanks for posting this as I was unaware, 6.5 gallons of red must dumping out on a off white carpet, in a 3rd floor apartment would definitely cause me not to get my security deposit back!! what are your guys thoughts on...
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    Dazz in Edmonton

    Welcome to the Knowledge Bank!! :dg
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    Identify the End of Primary Fermentation

    60 degrees sounds really low, should be 70-75. From what Ive read, alot of people have trouble even getting the must to start fermenting below 65. And colder temps usally leads to slower fermentation... I normally rack to the secondary at a SG of 1.02
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    Hot Alcholic tast in batches of wine

    First welcome to the forum, what was your recipe?...for sweetness you can make a simple syrup (1 part water, 2 parts sugar) and add it to taste, make it a little less sweet then you want it because it will get sweeter over time. I believe aging will take care of some of the heat. Also make sure...
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    Question About Corking

    Thanks for all the great info...Im slowly learning that I should ignore everything my friend "taught" me
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    Question About Corking

    good to know, I was told to do that by the person who introduced me to wine making to kill of any bacteria and soften it for easier insertion (he didnt own a corker and did it by hand)... whats the negative effects of boiling? is soaking it in a sanitizing solution ok though?
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    Question About Corking

    Before inserting the cork into the bottle? I would fear the wax flaking off into the wine.. If your worried about bacteria in the cork you could just boil or soak the corks in your sanitizing solution...
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    WineXpert Adding glycerin to kit wine

    Nice find, :b
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    WineXpert Adding glycerin to kit wine

    add $14.95 for shipping and handling for the lower 48. I didnt check the other sites mentioned earlier for S&H
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    Rasberry Wine

    I made this wine [RED RASPBERRY WINE (1)], started it about 2 months ago, but I made a 5 gallon batch so I multiplied the numbers. Its now dry, but has a very weak flavor, will back sweetening add/bring out the raspberry flavor? or should I go with a f-pak?
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    Should sediment still be at bottom?

    sounds to me to be normal, just the clarifier doing its thing... But Im not a expert like Tom, wade or Luc