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  1. Noontime

    reusing bottles from corked wine

    Is cleaning and kmeta 100% effective in killing organisms that cause cork taint? We got a bad batch of corks and have quite a few wines that were corked; can these bottles be re-used, or should we just toss them to be safe?
  2. Noontime

    Reducing citric acid

    My wife and I make a lemon/lime based mojito wine, and I'm thinking of fooling around with the recipe. I'd like to try reducing the acidity so I don't have to add as much sugar when back sweetening. I'd like to reduce the citric since it's most abundant and maybe lessen yeast converting citric...
  3. Noontime

    Relationship between yeast and oxygen

    I've seen a lot of posts lately extolling the virtues of oxygen exposure during fermentation, and although I'm not an expert I wanted to share a little bit of info from a layman's level of understanding. Fermentation is by definition an anaerobic process, meaning the conversion of sugars to...
  4. Noontime

    Save 30% off everything at Noontime Labels

    The Last Day to Save 30% Off Everything! Hurry and order now, these savings end tonight, December 1st. All shapes, all sizes... every label design we have is on sale. We have hundreds of designs to choose from, and waterproof & removable labels as well. Now is the perfect time to get your...
  5. Noontime

    Anyone Going To The Winemaker Magazine Conference Next Month?

    Just wondering if we'll be seeing any of our online friends at the conference this year. We'll have a table set up showing off our wares, so stop by and say hello...we'd love to meet some of the folks from the forum and share some wine. There is A LOT of wine to share at this event! Info on...
  6. Noontime

    20% Off Your Order at Noontime Labels

    If you're going to the WineMaker Magazine Conference next month, you'll be sharing your wines with hundreds of other home winemakers. Are your wines ready for all that attention? Let Noontime Labels help you dress up your wines! Order your custom labels by May 20th and get 20% off your entire...
  7. Noontime

    WineXpert Mezza Luna Red SG

    We started a Wine Expert Mezza Luna Red kit, and although the instructions say the SG won't get below 0.998, ours went completely dry to 0.992. Has anyone else seen this? I'm also curious how the kit is designed to stay at .998... are there un-fermentable sugars? If it's supposed to have a hint...
  8. Noontime

    50% off everything sale today only!

    If you're interested in custom labels, go to and use coupon code "Cyber Monday" for 50% off your entire order. Monday Only!
  9. Noontime

    All our wine's in one place

    We finally got our newly bottled wine in our new wine racks. I can't believe we're 2 or 3 batches away from not having any more room again!.
  10. Noontime

    A busy Sunday bottling

    43 gallons, 9 varietals, for 216 bottles of wine bottled on Sunday.
  11. Noontime

    Noontime Labels Contest- Win Free Labels

    "Name That Label" Custom Wine Label Contest Name our new label template, and win free labels! We’re giving away FREE WINE LABELS to two lucky people who help us name our new wine label. Two ways to win: Everyone who enters the contest has a chance to win a set of labels from our label...
  12. Noontime

    Banana wine with high pH and TA

    I made my first banana wine recently and the TA is .8% and the pH is 3.9. Is this normal for a banana wine? I've also just recently started testing for pH and TA so I'm as unfamiliar with that as I am with banana wine! It's still a baby wine, so I'm not comfortable changing the acid for...
  13. Noontime

    WineMaker Conference here we come!

    We'll be heading out to the WineMaker Magazine Conference in Monterey, CA next week. I'm really looking forward to meeting some of our customers face to face, and we're bringing a bunch of wine for the Friday Night Social. Anyone else going to be there?
  14. Noontime

    Our sparkling mango is delicious!

    We popped open our fist sparkling mango wine over the weekend, and it was delicious. We decided not to do the traditional method and just throw yeast and sugar in there (figuratively) and cap it. So it was dry, but wonderfully effervescent and fruity. We'll definitely be doing that with future...
  15. Noontime

    Port question

    Has anyone used the canned Alexander's concentrate to sweeten a port? I have a zinfandel kit that I'd like to make a port wine from, and I'm weighing my options. I could halt fermentation with the fortification to retain sweetness, I could hold off some of the juice and then back sweeten after...
  16. Noontime

    Dragon Blood dropping sediment

    My wife and I made Dragon Blood, used bentonite during fermentation and sparkaloid to clear. Bottled 2 weeks later and it was crystal clear. 3 months in the bottle and its dropping quite a bit of sediment. Anyone else have this problem?
  17. Noontime

    Words as Images

    When creating labels, the words and fonts used can be just as important as the imagery. But sometimes they can be both. This really cool "Words as Images" article and video is not only entertaining, but really shows the power and expressiveness of typography, and how you can use words to convey...
  18. Noontime

    Cellar Craft CC Late harvest Riesling SG 1.024

    We racked our riesling last weekend (this is second racking so f-pack has been added) and the SG was 1.024. We made this wine a few years ago and it was a very sweet wine obviously, being a late harvest...but 1.024 seems a bit high. Is this a normal reading for a sweet desert wine? I didn't...
  19. Noontime

    Mongo wine again!

    Mango wine again! Well the mango trees around our house are producing prodigious amounts of monstrous fruit...its time to try a mango wine again. We made this once before a couple of years ago and had a few snags, made a few mistakes, and basically threw some fruit & water in a bucket with some...
  20. Noontime

    Latest beer label from Noontime labels

    My latest creation for a weird little lemon wine/mead/beer thing.