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    Another Christmas party goes by,,,

    We went to a Christmas party for the second year this past Saturday. It has a lot of people from the Walmart where I work, their friends and family. Last year, I carried several bottles of my wine for the present. Your name gets called, you either open a new present or steal one that you like...
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    Sometimes I feel so stupid!!

    I just realized I opened my last bottle of skeeter pee and don't have another batch fermenting. :w
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    Finally, a night off and three glasses of wine.

    With me working (finally) nights, it's been tough getting me schedule worked out. But last night was a night off and I had plenty of sleep during the day. So I stayed up like I was working, and had my first wine in almost two weeks! I just can't seem to get into the mood for a glass of wine...
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    I think I need serious mental help..

    I went to the local Mom and Pop store to buy some chemicals and yeast. While he was ringing up the little bit of stuff I bought, I got to looking at the carboys on display and started crying right there in the store. I could barely see to drive when I left. :) Admitting you have a problem is...
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    My Oh my,,, it's finally happened.

    It's hard to believe, but it has finally happened.. After almost two years of trying everything but lying,,, I've finally gotten a JOB.. Had to go thru a temp agency to get into the back door of walmart after being shot down because of a 20 year old indescretion. Only down side is that I...
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    The Color of peach wine?

    My different peach wine combinations are clearing but retaining quite a bit of the peach color. What has your peach wine color looked like as it finished up.
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    Aging your wine,, what do you prefer.

    If you have the time, and carboys,, which do you prefer? Bulk aging in the carboy or bottle aging.
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    How long should I ferment on the skin?

    I have a batch of muscadines going in the primary. I let them sit 36 hours on pectic enzyme and campden tablets and last night pitched champagne yeast. How long should I let them ferment on the skins? The must has started turning red now.
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    I got some Muscadines free.

    A friend of my daughters sent me directions to a house in town that had muscadines growing on a fence going to the birds. They said they would rather someone use them and not have them fall on the ground like last year. I ended up with 37 pounds and they taste pretty sweet. If I had taken a...
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    Wild Grapes

    Just out of curiousity, I went and looked at some wild grapes I have taking over some trees in my back yard. Sure enough, they had grapes on them. Sadly though, there was only about 2 or 3 pounds. I sure wish I could find some more somewhere to try making a batch.
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    What's you wine worth??

    What kind of a price would you put on your wine... Now I know this is a hobby and selling your wine is illegal without all the papers... But still what would you consider your wine being worth? Are you making $10.00 wine or are you making $20.00. I know some of my swill would probably fit on...
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    Fermenting my PP!

    Just to try it, I made a batch of Peach/Papaya. 15 pounds of each in a 5 gallon batch. I'm pleasantly surprised with the aroma and color of it so far. The red meat of the papya really changed the color of the peach to more of a rose color and then the peach changed the earthy aroma of the...
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    Who can I blame????

    In the past couple weeks I bottled 10 gallons of blackberry, 5 gallons of strawberry and 5 gallons of Loquat. I still have another 25 gallons of black berry waiting, 5 gallons of strawberry, five gallons of rose petal, 6 gallons of peach and 5 gallons of guava/peach. My wife looks at me now and...
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    Muscadines coming into season here.

    I've noticed at the local vineyard that the muscadines are starting to show. I think they harvest in the next month or two around here. My question is it worth the extra work I would have to do to try and get some to make some grape wine from it? Can't say I've tasted any wine from mucadines...
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    The winemaking Gods and Demons!!

    I know we all joke about the winemaking Gods smiling on us from time to time, but I've finally realized that it's a balance.. Sooner or later the winemaking Demon has to remind you he is watching.... Just a day or so ago I posted in the thread about a broken hydrometer... and knew it was...
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    Small guavas and peaches

    My youngest brother has what we call a "catley guava" tree in his yard so this year he picked them and saved them for me. They are the small ones about the size of a quarter or 50 cent piece. I think I have about 25 pounds of them that are thawing right now. I thought of adding some peach...
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    A true sign of me aging!

    My wife and I started dating when she was 17 and I was 23. We've been together now 32 years counting the year we lived together before we got married. In all those times, I can't even try to count all the sweet nothings she has whispered to me and what it did to my blood pressure at the time...
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    A serious medical question for the pros!

    My daughter just got in from NC and liked my blackberry. She has a friend who has, now I'm going to type this like it sounds and probably not the way it is written, sealeeacs disease. She can't eat ANYTHING with corn or corn byproducts in it. I know my wine has cane sugar in it, but what is in...
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    Been busy for two days and nights..

    Late wednesday night my mother, 81, ended up falling.. Nothing broke, just bruised up and embarrassed. Bad thing was her cordless phone went dead and her life alert button was still hanging out of reach on the headboard of the bed. So she sat there on the floor till thursday afternoon. She...
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    A serious question here,, do you drink & drive?

    A recent accident up in St. Petersburg just brought this to my mind again. A young guy who had been out drinking and smoking too, ran a red light, t-boned a car killing a father and all three of his sons who were in the 20's. Back when I was young and dumb, I've driven a few times not even...