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    Other Amazon Kit - Laurel Creek red

    Tonight I started a 9L Amazon wine kit up here in Canada called Laurel Creek. I got it shipped to my door for $55Can. It says it's a California Red or Merlot. I added the following tweaks: - 90gr sachet of med oak chips - 2 x 600gr frozen triple berry mix (cherry, rasp, blueberry) put it...
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    Mosti Mondiale Sonoma Edition Juice pails

    Just picked up three juice pails from my Mosti Mondiale retailer. Pinot Noir Sonoma Edition, Red Zinfandel Sonoma Edition and a regular Valpolicella must bucket. The Sonoma reds have 4kgs of grape skins. I made up a Joeswine type fpac for each juice pail depending on their berry varietal...
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    Mosti Mondiale Back in the Saddle - New Kits

    Well I just got back into winemaking in a big way, well big for me. I used to have a u-brew LHBS on Vancouver Island back in the 90's and when we sold it I was able to take a bunch of equipment with me but until this fall never really had the chance or want to do it again. I finally set-up a...