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    to rack or not to rack after MLF is complete

    This is my first year fermenting from grapes so a lot to learn. My pinot noir just completed MLF and it tastes much better than when it was pressed. It was weak and now has more depth of flavor. So I am wondering if there is any flavor that the wine gets from the fine lees for red wines? I...
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    Newbee MLF questions

    1) I have had some wines that the manager at the local Total wine store called "Rich". It definitely was too "buttery"for my taste.( ie MLF impact in a pinot noir). I plan on doing MLF post fermentation. Is there a way to measure the impact of MLF and see if the "buttery" taste will be...
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    Newbee 2020 Pinot Noir plan

    Since this year will be my first attempt at making wine from grapes, I would appreciate any advise on how to tweak my following plan. Day 1 - Crush and Destem Pick out unwanted leaves and spoiled grapes Hand separate out approx 25% grapes to manually destem or see how milk crate container...
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    4 year old Pinot Noir grapes from a new wine area

    Question about sourcing fall grapes: I am new to winemaking (kits only for about 1 year) and I found a vineyard 1 hour away that is selling organically grown Pinot Noir grapes directly to local winemakers. However, since it is a new vineyard and new grape area, I am wondering if it would be...
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    Good Article on SO2 management

    I found this article interesting and thought I would share
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    How long do you typically age white wine kits?

    I've read on this forum that you should wait at least 6 months till drinking a white wine kit, but I wonder how long do people who have been doing this a long time typically wait? I have an RJS RQ Chardonnay kit that is 8 months old and it is drinkable but not what I hope for. No off flavors...
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    Is moving to secondary fermentation a benefit for white kits?

    I would appreciate some feedback as to the benefit of racking for secondary fermentation. Some of the kits instructions do not have you rackfor secondary fermentation. I am wondering if the racking is required and what is benefit do you get. From what I have been reading keeping as little...
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    IOC Be Fruits

    I was wondering if anyone has used this yeast strand and what was their impression
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    Film on inside top of carboy using Allegro yeast

    This is my 6th batch but my first time using Allegro yeast with Optiwhite and fermaid O 1/3 in. There has been no foam as advertised. I have moved it to carboy for secondary fermentation 6 days ago. I am starting to see a film on the inside top of the carboy but none on the wine. I know with...
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    Has anyone tried Pluxcompact Bentonite?

    Since I don't like the volume loss with Bentonite, The following newsletter was interesting. In bench trials it showed that Pluxcompact Bentonite created less volume loss than other types of bentonite. Just wondering if anyone had any experience with this? If so did you notice a material...
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    stuck fermentation in secondary

    I racked to a carboy when SG reached 1.02 on a kit that came with D47 yeast. The SG has not changed and there is now visible bubbles. The initial SG was 1.09 so the alcohol cannot be too high for the yeast. I have kept the temp as close to 68 F as recommended. I think my problem was that I...
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    Other Are kit sales a seasonal?

    I'm new to kit wine making and there seems to be a lot of sales out there on kits. What I am wondering is are the kits on sale this time of year to get ready for the new season's kits? Is this a good time to stock up on kits or are there reasonable sales throughout the year?