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  1. DCTWinemaker

    Need Help Deciding on Wine Storage Options

    I currently make and store my wine in the basement. It is a walkout basement so the walls on the back of the house are above grade. I live in the Northeast USA and the temperature in my basement during winter is 61 degrees and 72-75 in the summer (max out at 78-80 degrees). My wife got me a...
  2. DCTWinemaker

    My First Bottling!

    Completed my first bottling, a Winexpert Cabernet Sauvignon Lodi II. In retrospect, I wish I had purchased new bottles. I saved my used wine bottles for about 6 months. Only thing I didn't count on was the variety of bottle shapes. I used a 3 1/2" x 5" label, which didn't work well with...
  3. DCTWinemaker

    Strawberry Wine has Low pH

    I have one gallon of Strawberry wine that I started in June and it has been aging for the last three months. It has cleared well and I racked it off the fine lees the other day. pH is 3.01 with TA of .9, SO2 is about 20-25ppm. It has an acidic/alcoholic taste with some fruit flavors coming...
  4. DCTWinemaker

    Test for Completion of Malolactic Fermentation

    My first fermentation from grapes is undergoing MLF at this time. In a month or so, when I’m ready to determine if MLF is complete, do your recommend Malolactic Chromatography testing or use of a simple MLF test kit?
  5. DCTWinemaker

    First batch of wine from grapes

    I crushed and de-stemmed 72 lbs. of Pinot Noir grapes from Lodi today. My SG=1.11 adjusted for 69 degree must. My pH is really high at 4.1. I didn't have enough Pectic enzyme and I don't have any Tartaric acid (only an acid blend which I know you shouldn't use with wine grapes.) I know, I...
  6. DCTWinemaker

    Which Specific Gravity should you use?

    I am at day 14 of making an WE Eclipse CS with grape skins. The instructions say to rack to a carboy when the SG is <.996. I measured the SG today and it’s .996. Adjusting for a must temp. of 81 degrees, the adjusted SG is .998. Question I continue to leave the wine in the primary...
  7. DCTWinemaker

    I need to change my account name

    I was notified by another member that my account name is very similar to his and he's been on the forum for quite some time. Does anyone know who I would contact to change my account name or do I have to close this account and start all over again? Thanks for any help you can render.
  8. DCTWinemaker

    Hello from CT

    Hi, I'm Bill from CT. I've always enjoyed wine but was the type to keep drinking the same wines with which I felt comfortable (namely Pinot Noir). As my interest in wine grew, I became infatuated with the diverse wine universe from the old world French, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish...