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    Kieselsol & Chitosan

    I usually put on the post-it-notes but someone had move them and I got side I don't do that again. Need to get in better habits.
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    Kieselsol & Chitosan

    Not a newby but I think I screwed up with Chitosan. Have 3 carboys going that I siphoned on Tues. had 1 Chitosan to add yesterday the others were added same day as I siphoned. What happens if I add a second Chitosan to a wine by accident. With this covid we have family living with us and I never...
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    New Winexpert Kits

    I have made many of the WE kits and had very good outcomes. Used both expensive Eclipse and the cheaper. I have also used RJS and find more of the local suppliers are keeping them in stock now. But I am glad summer is coming and I can make more from scratch now.
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    Oak infusion

    I soaked a few 25 in bourbon, over night, let them dry out and after second raking put them in. It turned out quite good.
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    New Guy From A Chokecherry Grove in N. MN

    I got started making wine because of all the chokecherries on our property. I must say that the chokecherry is fabulous after it has aged a year. The raspberry and crab apple within 6 months we enjoyed. So enjoy...I also like rhubarb and many others.!!!!
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    Need a corker.

    Well I must be a wimp because I can only do #8's with my double handle corker and we are looking a floor corker because I am enjoying making to much wine. Now my problem is I don't live near any place that sells this stuff and I keep reading and don't know which to go to.
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    I do all my wine in back room of basement and if the temp drops to low I put a heating pad around and it works really good. I have been doing this for 3 years now. I use the most on white's or blushing wines
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    What are you making and what have you made ???

    I first started with: Pin Cherry and have made 3 variations now. Rhubarb, and have made this 3 times. Mountain Ash which is different and very good. Black Cherry Strawberry Black Raspberry and Red the red better Apple 4 different times and all different and loved each Peach...
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    Should I or shouldn't I...

    Thank you..thank you..
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    Should I or shouldn't I...

    Eight weeks into my wine and into clearing -racked and added Kieselsol and was waiting a hour to add Clarifier but had family emergency and spent the last 4 days at hospital. After Kieselsol everything I have read says add clarifier within 24 hours....should I just go ahead and add the...
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    Stuck fermentation, have to leave for 9 days

    I am having similar problem with the Strawberry wine..can see bubbles rising but never got a bubble build up on top only been going 60 hrs. and it is in a cool 67 area of basement. Is this normal for strawberry?
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    Acid Blend short..replacement?

    Using a wine concentrate and have everything almost mixed when dropped bottle of Acid Blend needed 5 T. and only now have 1T- 1 1/2 t in...haven't put in yeast yet..should I put yeast in or wait until I get the Acid Blend and how long can I wait?
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    Wine Kitz Wine Kit blowing the cork

    Thanks everyone....I used your idea's and nothing has blown its cork for awhile and I just bottled 30 bottles of pincherry making some adjustments using your all's info and hoping they stay solid....always liked using EC-1118 in wild fruit wines...but think I will change that also.
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    Wine Kitz Wine Kit blowing the cork

    :?:?:?Ok I am a sort of newbie....I have made 6 different wines from scratch with fresh fruit and 2 kits...I used a Black Raspberry wine kit 6 months ago and went totally by instructions..and actually let it sit a week or 2 longer before almost 6 months later I have had 3 bottles...
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    How do you make wine?

    I totally agree with Scooter68..the fruit concentrate I ordered was to mix with some fruit I had and when I got the can it had labeled all these other ingredients.....I really love making fruit latest problem is my Blackberry wine has started popping the cork 5 months after being...
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    How do you make wine?

    I have used 2 kits now but before them was using the wild fruits available to Pin Cherry...Rhubarb..Apple..Raspberry..and now Mtn. Ash Berry...sampling this last one could be unusual and the best...I do sometimes freeze my fruits till I get enough and helps with the juice. I want to...
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    Why do you make wine?

    I enjoy making wine and trying different kinds...after you have the basic wine making supplies it becomes reasonable and my family and friends love trying what I make...glad you let us make lots of choices because I need lots of choices...and just tried a kit for the first time and am...
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    How do you make wine?

    I started out using the unusual fruits of the season..Rhubarb..Pin Cherry..Rasberry..Apple..and now have made Merlot...learning more as I go on how to do it extended family is enjoying it...and have more of grape wine going now...:h