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    Total SO2 and sensory limit

    Hi folks, Wondering what you find would be the total SO2 added to red wine before you end up detecting it in the final product which leads to a chemical taste? I've read 100 ppm, 120 ppm, and 150 ppm. I now have a wine in a barrel that is loosing about 20 ppm of free SO2 every 4 weeks...
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    Any Quebec amateur wine making clubs?

    Hi Folks, I'm surprised I'm unable to find any winemaking clubs in the province of Quebec from my search I've done on-line. I also checked with the Amateur Winemakers of Canada web page, and nothing shows up for Quebec. Hoping if any Quebecers reading this might know of any? Thanks, Rob
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    Fermaid Additions

    Would like to compare notes. How much Fermaid do you usually add at beginning of fermentation and how much at 1/3 sugar depletion? Sometimes I get H2S issues with the rate on the bag of 0.3 g/Litre. For example when doing 70 litres of must, would come to 21 g of Fermaid, and would add about...
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    Re-using malolactic bacteria in package

    Wondering how long a package of malolactic bacteria will keep once it is opened and stored in a zip loc bag in a freezer? I think I've seen on the web somewhere that it could maybe keep for a few months, but not sure how accurate this is. Scott Labs has told me it would be better to buy some...
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    Vinyl or Nitrile Gloves Tainting Wine?

    Wondering if I should stop using medical nitrile or vinyl gloves to handle winemaking equipment and especially squeezing the must using a nylon bags. The gloves are blue in color, powder free, and even though it lists food application on the box, the blue color fades after a while and worried...
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    Some ways to get rid of TCA in Wine

    Just came across this article on possible ways to eliminate TCA in tainted wine. Here's the link: The article explains that saran...
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    High pH Low TA Frontenac - Unexpected

    Never thought I’d experience anything like this, usually have to deal with grapes a bit on the higher side of acidity here in Quebec. Think its because it’s been so hot this summer that things are now reversed. Just finished fermenting and doing a Malo on a blend of Frontenac with a bit of...
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    Yeast Selections

    I've been using CSM yeast to ferment Hybrids and Cab Sauvignon and sometimes run into H2S issues since the yeast's N demands are high. I like the way it produces intense flavors, reduces green characters, and good compatibility with malo. But searching for something else due to it's sometimes...
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    Some H2S early into fermentation

    Hi Folks, Noticed a bit of H2S 24 hours into fermentation of Frontenac, Marquette, St-Croix blend. Can't seem to find anything when Googling on how much Opti-Red to add to help with issue. Did add some Opti-Red at very beginning at the recommended rate of 0.3 grams/Litre, so not sure if...
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    Fruit Flies barrier

    I'm about to use some new equipment so not completely familiar with it yet. I'm about to use a 150 liter steel fermentation tank that came with a dust cover lid and floating lid that goes inside. Wondering how to best keep fruit flies out of tank during primary fermentation? Don't think dust...
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    Vintage Keeper 500W temperature setting

    The default factory temperature setting of this wine cabinet is set to 57F. Instructions say not to lower the temperature setting below 57F if the ambient humidity of the room is higher than 50%RH. Wondering if could get away with running it at just one degree below that say at 56F in my...
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    Chemical acid reduction

    Usually do my blend of Frontenac/Marquette/St-Croix grapes with a malolactic fermentation. The wine usually finishes somewhere about TA 8 and pH between 3.4 and 3.5. Last year the wine finished at TA 7.1 and pH of 3.50. That was the best I got so far. I always do a cold stabilization and seed...
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    Please help Eno 15 Crusher/Destemer

    Would anyone know how to open this crusher/destemmer in order to remove the basket to clean it and appreciate any tips on how and where to lubricate the machine. The machine does not come with instructions. I had to search quite a bit to find something. Instructions are non existent on how to...
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    New Vines producing for first time

    Hi, A small portion of my vineyard vines are producing for first time and will be attempting my first co-inoculation with these. Can you confirm I should be fermenting aerobically until about S.G. of 1.020, just like if it was simply a yeast fermentation, and once reach that point when much...
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    Question Co-Innoculation aerobic/anaerobic

    Looking for advice on co-inoculating grape must with Malolactic bacteria and Yeast at the same time, if good idea to first allow oxygen into the process at the beginning which would benefit the yeast during their initial stage of multiplication, and soon after that maybe 24 hours into vigorous...
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    Crusher/Destemmer storage question

    Hi Folks, Will be picking up a crusher/de-stemmer with an electric motor. Would like to know if it is ok to store it over winter in an unheated garage where it will eventually be subject to temperatures in the -20's C and humidity? Thank you, Rob S.
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    Spraying grapes 101 - Question

    This is my first posting to this forum. I've been growing cold hardy grapes in south western Quebec (Cantley) for about 8 years. I'm growing mostly Frontenac, St-Croix and Marquette varieties. From early May until about last week, it has rained almost every day and it was a colder...